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A Passion and a Joy for My Work!

 I love this work and I have a real passion for it. As of this year I will have done about 20,000 private sessions and countless workshops and talks. Each year I personally get more out of it and I am never bored or tired of it. I find that fact to be amazing and beautiful! Good thing I enjoy it so much, because I am not getting any younger. LOL

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Spiritual Development V.S. Psychic Development

Psychic gifts are interesting, useful and enticing... but, in and of themselves, they will never lead you to Self-Realization and a greater capacity to love.  They have their place in your growth, and can be a big step towards your awakening.  But the highest spiritual realms are far beyond the psychic realms.We all know people with no scruples who are very psychic. Psychic abilities do not equal someone being on any Spiritual path. It's a choice they must make, about how to use their abilities in their life and their work. 

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What is this Blog all about, anyway?

I wanted to write a blog about crystal skulls and my life as the guardian of Synergy, but I was worried about causing controversy with my experiences, because they seem to be a bit different than what I am hearing about from some other people working with crystal skulls.  We each have our own experiences and journey.  They are all valid for us! I mean to provoke thought, not to simply provoke. 

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