"Bear Medicine" Teaches Us To Process & Integrate Experiences!

Bear Medicine: What Bear Teaches Us 

I often share about topics having to do with crystal skulls. Now I'd like to mention another aspect of spiritual work, known as 'Bear Medicine.'

Bear is in our lives to teach by example. She is willing to help us process our collected experiences in a more conscious and cohesive manner.

Bear goes out into the world and gathers experiences and all available information. She takes it back to her quiet place and then carefully studies what she has assembled.
Bear reaches her own informed decisions, based on what the facts of her experiences and studies have shown her. Then she allows whatever time is necessary for what she has learned to unify and blend into her overall understanding.

Bear Medicine teaches us to take time to process and integrate the experiences and insights that life brings, instead of rushing headlong into the next experience. In order to become "enlightened" one must take the time to process the information and experiences that one gathers in the world. Quiet time in the “cave” shows Bear what must be shed or released, so that she may move forward and grow.

Bear Medicine shows us what has been holding us back in our attempts to realize our dreams. These may be things from our past, or situations in our present. Recognizing what we have yet to work through may bring painful insights and it is often a long, and even daunting, undertaking; yet it is necessary for our spiritual and emotional growth and health. 
If we ask her, Bear will assist us in recognizing and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Bear keeps her mind open, because when she ventures into the world, her experiences may give her new information that will alter her beliefs, yet again. Being flexible and willing to change is necessary for a Bear or a human to survive and thrive. 

Bear is not one to make quick decisions, nor does she force anyone else into doing things. Bear accepts life and the other Beings around her as they are.

Bear reminds us that we should endeavor to experience life fully, and then allow ourselves the time to work through the lessons we have been given, so that they become useful tools for growth, rather than just raw stimulation.

Bear is compassionate, yet detached. Bear has no expectations of how things should be. Hers is a feminine, intuitive and receptive energy, in balance with the earth and all Beings on it.

Bear has been called the “Keeper of Dream Time.” She is said to store the teachings of dreams until the Dreamer “wakes up” to them. 
Some have called this place of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge; Bear just calls it her cave.
However you imagine this place to be, it consists of a frequency of awareness; a state of mind where we recognize and begin to appreciate that we are all here for a reason, and that we each have a place in the world. 
Ask Bear to help you to remember your dreams so you may begin to use them for your spiritual growth. 

Bear may also help us take notice of places along our spiritual journey where we begin to awaken to the awareness that we are Beings of Light - and that death is a compelling illusion that is woven by our physical reality.
As Bear retreats to hibernate each year, she is “dead” to the outside world. Come Spring, she awakens to go out into the world once again, gathering new understandings.

Bear loves her home and protects the young and helpless. Bear often seems to be rather slow, but can move like lightning when she or her loved ones are threatened.

Bear shows one how to provide - and accept - healing. Bear knows that we must begin our own healing, in order to assist others in healing.

Bear reminds us that we should experience life fully - both the pain and the pleasure - and take the time to think about the lessons both have given us.

What have you learned from your pain?
What have you learned from your pleasures?

Learn from Bear and take your time as you open. Savor your life experiences and remember that you will open as you are meant to open. You cannot force anything.

She will be there to guide you as you process, understand and integrate them into your life, if you are willing.

Bear Medicine can help you to understand and assimilate the many lessons, experiences, insights that your Guides, Angels, Masters...and Crystal Skulls may bring into your awareness.

**I am certain that there are many interesting and in depth articles to be found elsewhere on the web, written about the concept of Bear Medicine. What I share here is what my Guide - and an Elder of the Ojibwe people taught me, when I was young.

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    Why is bear always described with the feminine?

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