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THE WALL: Taking a Look at Some Scary and Sad Stuff, and Letting It Go

THE WALL: Taking a Look at the Scary and Sad Stuff and Letting It GoCompassionate detachment is a major component of self-mastery and spiritual growth. We can't always work out everything we had hoped to in a lifetime. Not all relationships last though the rough patches; not all friends stay, even when they say they will never leave you.  A true story about a spiritual experience of letting go in order to to grow. 

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An Ancient Technique to Connect More Deeply to Your Crystal Skull

Here is an ancient technique from my class entitled: "Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull".This ancient technique is an easy, yet extremely effective way to work with a crystal skull. Even those with years of experience will find that they can unlock a new layer and forge a deeper connection with their crystal skull.

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