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An Ancient Technique to Connect More Deeply to Your Crystal Skull

Here is an ancient technique from my class entitled: "Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull".This ancient technique is an easy, yet extremely effective way to work with a crystal skull. Even those with years of experience will find that they can unlock a new layer and forge a deeper connection with their crystal skull.

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A Message and Simple Meditation from Synergy

Synergy doesn't offer many messages for the public. I am privileged to share them, when it happens. "The Earth, and all of humanity, stands on the brink of great change, and only the smallest portion of this transformation will be obvious on the physical planes, to those who do not have the eyes to see it.  It is necessary that those who have their spiritual eyes open to work together to bring about this awakening."

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Seeing the "Light"

"Seeing the Light"What do you do when you have to work with a "difficult" person who won't get out of your space! It's easy to put people who annoy or intimidate us into the little boxes and keep them there. We are lost in our own emotions and we judge them, before we ever get to really know them...

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