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THE WALL: Taking a Look at Some Scary and Sad Stuff, and Letting It Go

THE WALL: Taking a Look at the Scary and Sad Stuff and Letting It GoCompassionate detachment is a major component of self-mastery and spiritual growth. We can't always work out everything we had hoped to in a lifetime. Not all relationships last though the rough patches; not all friends stay, even when they say they will never leave you.  A true story about a spiritual experience of letting go in order to to grow. 

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Many Crystal Skull researchers and workers agree that crystal skulls have the potential to do certain things with energy, when carved properly.  Crystal skulls are tools of awareness. Although the exact words used below might not be universally used by each researcher, the concepts are solid. We can say that a properly carved skull can:Focus EnergyReflect EnergyRefract EnergyAmplify EnergyAttune EnergyTransmit EnergyTransform EnergyStore Energyand they may...Act as a WitnessThis means that Crystal Skulls are potentially very powerful tools of Spiritual Awareness.

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