Synergy's History and the Background of Sherry Whitfield

Synergy is a quartz crystal skull weighing 15.5 lbs, making it slightly larger than a life-sized human skull. The name 'Synergy' actually describes the quality of the energy or frequency that this skull manifests or radiates on the earth. The definition of Synergy is the cooperative action of two or more independent entities, to bring about a total effect or change which is greater than what either can accomplish alone. 1 + 1 can equal 3, or even more. In other words, we can do more together than each of us can do alone.
    Synergy is also called the "Skull of Joy and Laughter" or just 'the Laughing Skull."  There are ancient runes carved onto the bottom of this skull that describes this and other properties.
    An ancient aboriginal tribe from an island in the South Pacific, known as the 'Real People' acknowledges this skull as having been with their people for hundreds of generations and they have the twin of Synergy in their possession to back up their claims. Their oral history is that it was passed to them by their ancestors, from a civilization they called MU. (aka Uru or Lemuria.)
    At one point in their past, the tribal Shaman set off with the skull and a few others on a long journey, across the Pacific Ocean, in what we would call an outrigger canoe. The skull was brought to Hawaii and then sent to what would later be called the Northern Andes Mountains, in Central America. 
    Synergy came to light in the Western world in 1981 when it was acquired as a gift from an native Elder to a European man named George. George was told that the skull had come into this Grandfather's custody through his family, directly from a much loved Catholic nun, who died in 1720, in Peru.  She was quite old when she passed on the skull, which she called “an inheritance from a lost civilization,” to a young native boy and his father. She asked them to safeguard it until the ‘right’ person came to get it and share its message with the world.  “Your heart will know the person,” she said.  That boy’s ancestor gave it to George almost three centuries later. George had this crystal skull for 20 years and then passed it on to its current guardian, Sherry Whitfield in 2001.
   The Real people say that this skull was carved using one of their ancestors skulls as a reference. A forensic scientist, who reconstructs faces from the actual skulls of deceased persons, examined Synergy and in his professional opinion, an actual human skull had to have been used as the original model for Synergy. It is such a good reproduction that a face can be modeled onto this crystal skull. He explained that it is not possible to simply take an art object that looks like a skull to the unpracticed eye, and use it to reconstruct a face that looks like a human - no matter how carefully the artwork was constructed there is a difference between a work of art and a reproduction using a model.    There is much more known about the history of this crystal skull, that has been verified by the History channel. However, some things are not meant to be written down, unless the time is right.

    Synergy lives with Sherry in Southwestern Arizona. Together they travel around the world to meet people who want to experience this amazing artifact and "Talk Story." 
"Talk Story" is term a number of indigenous peoples from the South Pacific use to describe the sharing and discussion of personal history and stories.  

   Synergy's Facebook page is @SynergyCrystalSkull and links to other online resources about the work and various travels may be found there.

Sherry Whitfield is Synergy’s current guardian or "Keeper." Sherry has led numerous workshops internationally on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects for over 40 years. Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual. Sherry and Synergy’s work together is rooted in building a group vibration or resonance that encompasses compassion, gratitude, acceptance and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. She has appeared in numerous TV and radio productions including "Ancient Aliens" and "Coast to Coast"  and is featured in a number of video productions.
   Clairvoyant since early childhood, Whitfield has an unusual background, having worked as a "Sensitive," in a medical doctor’s office for several years, starting in 1973. She assisted the doctor in gaining insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions.  Additionally, she has collaborated with scientific researchers at the University level, working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness. Based near Tucson, Arizona, Sherry also has extensive experience in shamanic and other alternative healing practices. She started doing 'readings' for family and friends when she was just eight years old. She graduated from the world renowned 'Desert Institute of the Healing Arts' in 1991.
   Sherry spent over 35 years as a business consultant and entrepreneur. Her past businesses include a wellness center, a local newspaper, a chain of family movie theatres and five nature themed art and gift galleries with extensive crystal and mineral sections.
   A prolific author, Sherry has written blogs and columns about practical spirituality for several papers and newsletters in the U.S. and Canada, a number of instructional workbooks, and maintains three extensive websites. She is well known for her practical, down to earth and gently humorous approach to spirituality and life. Thousands of people have used these simple techniques to gain valuable insights into themselves and their life situations.

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