As you may know, I'm the guardian (or the 'Keeper' as Synergy's tribe says,) of the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy. This is not the 'real' or sacred name of the skull, which is rarely written down. Rather, the name 'Synergy' describes the frequency that the crystal skull transmits.

What does the word Synergy mean?
Synergy is defined as the cooperative action of two or more independent entities, to bring about a total effect or change which is greater than what either can accomplish alone. In other words 1+1 = 3 or even more. What you and I together can do together is potentially so much more than what either of us could do alone. That seems very simple to understand!

This kind of energy isn't limited to one crystal skull emanating that frequency. In fact, I think that all crystal skulls, ancient and contemporary alike, are synergistic – in that they work together in a higher form of cooperation, without competition, for the greater good of humanity and the other Beings on this planet.

Cooperation is something we sorely need on this planet.

There is another way of looking at a form of synergy, historically. In some religions, the concept of “Synergism” seeks to reconcile two paradoxical truths:
The absolute power of God to change a human being, versus
The importance of humans taking responsibility for themselves and their actions; using their Free Will.

The idea of Synergism emphasizes how God and man can work together to accomplish great spiritual changes. It stresses the importance of using our conscious, Free Will to act in concrete, consistent ways, in accordance with sacred principles which support the spiritual growth of ourselves and others.

We decide to act. This allows our lives to flow more harmoniously, and with less conflict, as it is easier to receive inspiration and Guidance. Our free Will is not a stumbling block. It is the defining characteristic of the Universe itself.

Humans have the ability to apply their free will in order to align themselves with God’s Will -- and to choose to do the right thing. Not out of fear of a great and terrible God, but because it is their choice to do a right thing.

Surrendering to a Higher power does not mean that a person’s Will is inactive; it is simply that we are resisting our own weaknesses. In other words, the Creator draws us towards It -- but It draws only those who are willing. Spiritual emotion is not forced upon our Will as though we were statues. We accept it, and then, choose to act upon it.

"Holy Spirit moving;
Mind, in the act of thinking;
Will, not resisting.
When touched by the Divine."

I find this very intriguing and inspiring.

People who come to spend time with Synergy often have questions to ask.
One common question is "What is truth?" or "What is the meaning or purpose of my life?"
Synergy always answers them in a similar way:

"When one asks to be shown “truth” and that person has not used any of their many talents that day, then they cannot expect to find it!"

"To find “truth,” to enrich your life and to raise your spiritual vibrations, begin by doing just one kind thing, daily, out of love alone. This must be done with the whole of your heart and with no expectations of receiving anything in return, not even feelings of pleasure and contentment - of feeling good about yourself for having done something good."

"When you have done this and made a habit out of it, then ask again ask for “truth” to be shown to you. And it will be. Your heart will have begun to truly open to others, and this will move you into the higher vibrations, where you will receive Guidance easily."

I've been working daily to make this behavior a habit, a tool and a focal point in my life. I have chosen to align my Free Will in this manner!



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