An Ancient Technique to Connect More Deeply to Your Crystal Skull

This information is from my class entitled:
"Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull"

I'd like to share an ancient way of working with a crystal skull. It is an ancient technique that I learned from the Real People, the tribe that Synergy's twin, Harmony, lives with in the South Pacific. Their ancestors have used this method for thousands of years. 

First, let me remind you that Crystal Skulls are many things, but possibly most of all, they are amazing tools of spiritual awareness.
As such, they do several things with human energy:

Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Refract Energy
Amplify Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy

That's a lot to think about!
Let's explore the idea that Crystal skulls amplify and reflect energy. That is something anyone working with a crystal skull learns pretty quickly. Or they should - because it is going to happen to you, if you are around crystal skulls. 
I consistently meet people who think the skulls only amplify other people's issues, not theirs. That makes no sense and I've never seen any evidence that's true. The capability to amplify is not personal. 

Of course Synergy amplifies my issues and then reflects them back at me. We all have issues that can come up and trigger us. And there is nowhere to hide when you live with an ancient crystal skull! 
I do not enjoy this, but I AM grateful for the opportunity to face my issues when they come up. I know that when I am honest with myself about what is happening and how I am feeling - then I can deal with things as they come up. 

Keep this in mind - because contemporary crystal skulls have the potential to do the same things! These things are either true and they happen - or they don't. If they don't then forget about it - but if they do, then it's going to apply to you, too, so it's good to have some understanding of that. (Gravity is not selective either!) 

So... what do they amplify?
If you have no specific intent or thought of what you want when you are working with one, (or even when you are around one for very long) then they will tend to amplify the strongest underlying (and usually unresolved) emotional issue. This could be great - or you could feel uncomfortable. You might feel emotional, overwhelmed... upset, anxious, peaceful, joyful, aggressive... any kind of emotion is possible. 

Remember, crystal skulls don't make you feel anything, they only amplify it and then reflect it back at you. It's your responsibility to know that they could do this and to be aware and prepared. 
Once you recognize what is happening, you can begin to process how you feel and then the emotions will become less intense. At that point it's easier to detach - and start thinking things through. It gives you the opportunity to face and then work with whatever triggered you to begin with. 

If you want to go get the most out of this process, you can do a simple spiritual exercise (detailed below) that will help you to connect to your crystal skull more deeply, and allow you to have more control over what it amplifies and reflects, as well as begin to transform your reactions into understanding. 

Instead of random, underlying, unresolved, emotional issues, what could you set your intent on the crystal skull amplifying? 

I often suggest setting your intent on amplifying your clarity, to start with. This is useful at any point of a person's spiritual development. 
If you try to be more complicated, you may trip yourself up. The subconscious is very literal and you have to be careful about what you say and how you say it to get it to fully cooperate. Keep it simple for optimal results!

Clarity is a simple concept. It can help anyone, in a variety of situations, to have more clarity. When you have clarity, then you have a priceless tool for spiritual and emotional awareness and growth.
Lots of people try to increase their psychic abilities. You almost certainly have some psychic abilities, already - maybe you would like to have more clarity on how to use them or how you can figure out what the heck something might mean - like a dream or a 'feeling.'

(Keep in mind that any and all of the various ways that crystal skulls work with subtle energy can also be called into play. For example, they can help you to Attune to higher vibrations. This makes them a very useful tool for working with High Frequency Beings like your Guides, Angels, etc.)

Here is an ancient way of working with a crystal skull.

Breathing With Your Crystal Skull

Below is the ancient technique for working with a crystal skull, that I learned from Synergy's tribe - The Real People. First, here are a few things that are helpful to know about the exercise.

You do not need to learn any new specialized skills.

The exercise is “intent driven,” as are all exercises that utilize the power of the subtle energies within us and around us. When you start to imagine and then act as if something is possible, your intent will start this process and your energies will follow your intent.

I prepare for any spiritual exercise by taking a minute or so beforehand to focus and open. I start by opening my mind and heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for me, at this time. Then I “ground” my energy. After that, I am ready for any spiritual exercise including breathing with a crystal skull. The entire exercise is below.

As you breathe into your crystal skull, you are sharing and co-mingling your Mana with the crystal skull's Mana.
(Among the Melanesian and Polynesian peoples, Mana is a personal, sacred force or spiritual essence/power. It is attributed to people, spirits, and some inanimate objects. Mana is also known as the Life Force, your Spiritual Vibration, Chi, Ki, Prana, your Aura, etc.)

Here is the full exercise:

Hold your crystal skull firmly with both hands, or if it is a small skull, just use your right hand. If it is a heavy skull, place it on a table, desk, or something similar and lean into the skull, so that your face is very close to it.
Keep the intent or thought of what it is that you wish to work on in your mind and bring your face close to the face of the crystal skull.

Close your eyes and begin by breathing slowly and deeply for about three or four breaths as you…

Relax your eyes
Relax your tongue
Relax your jaw
Drop your shoulders

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply… for about four or five more breaths.

Now I'd like you to bring thoughts of someone or something that you love into your mind and into your heart. Someone or something simple and uncomplicated… like a small child or a beloved animal. Take another breath in, and allow the love to fill your heart... and open your Heart Chakra to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time.

Continue to breathe in that love for another three or four breaths.

Next, take a moment and place your attention on the base of your spine, on your Root Chakra. This energy center is often perceived as a bright, clear red – like red Jello! I’d like you to pretend or imagine that you have roots, like tree roots, coming out of the base of your spine and going down, deep into the ground, securing you to Mother Earth.
As they go down, deeper and deeper, let any tension you may have drain out of you… feel your roots sinking deep into the Earth, allowing a secure connection. You are safe and sound, and this connection allows you complete freedom of movement both physically and energetically.

Now, place your attention on the top of your head. Take a deep breath in and as you let it out slowly, pretend that your breath flows down your spine, and right out your roots. As you breathe, your energy follows your breath in through the top of your head, down your spine, and out your grounding roots.
This is an effortless and natural flow of breath and energy.
Continue to breathe like this three or four more times.

With your hands on your crystal skull (or if it is a small skull, just use your right hand), and keeping the intent or thought of what it is that you wish to work on in your mind, bring your face up to the crystal skull. 
(Again, if you have no specific intent at this time, I suggest you focus on asking for an increase in your clarity. Clarity is simple, yet extremely powerful. If you have clarity, then you have a priceless tool for spiritual and emotional growth and balance. Increase your clarity and you will be able to see the next step to take!)

Take a deep breath in, and then breathe out and into the face of the skull. Now inhale deeply from the skull, connecting and co-mingling your breath and your Mana (your subtle energies) together with the Mana of the crystal skull.
Continue breathing with your crystal skull for a minute or so as you focus on what you'd like to work on.

When you are finished breathing with your skull, gently remove your hands and / or set the crystal skull down.

That's it!
This is an easy yet extremely effective way to work with a crystal skull!
Even those who have worked for years with crystal skulls will find that they can unlock a new layer, just by having a clear intent, and breathing with the skull. 


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    Wonderful information! Thank you for sharing, I am so honored ores to be guardian to several of your pieces. 🙏

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