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Mercury Retrograde... Oh No! WTF?!

It's become a fad to blame Mercury Retrograde for all kinds of issues in your life. I read and hear the most ridiculous things about it and about what it means.I mostly see people associate Mercury retrograde with frustration and delays. In fact, I've been quite surprised to learn through Facebook posts that anything that can go wrong in your life can be blamed on Mercury Retrograde! (BTW - Mercury is not "in" retrograde."  It's either retrograde or it isn't.)

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A Passion and a Joy for My Work!

 I love this work and I have a real passion for it. As of this year I will have done about 20,000 private sessions and countless workshops and talks. Each year I personally get more out of it and I am never bored or tired of it. I find that fact to be amazing and beautiful! Good thing I enjoy it so much, because I am not getting any younger. LOL

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Seeing the "Light"

"Seeing the Light"What do you do when you have to work with a "difficult" person who won't get out of your space! It's easy to put people who annoy or intimidate us into the little boxes and keep them there. We are lost in our own emotions and we judge them, before we ever get to really know them...

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