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(page updated on 09.11.2023)

I offer new online classes regularly!

Five classes are in progress including:

Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull 

(Started August 23)

The Art of Mindful Manifestation

Psycho-spiritual Astrology

Ongoing Class in it's 4th year: Tarot

Ongoing class in it's 3rd year: Crystal Healing 3

Coming Soon: 

Psychic Bootcamp: an empath's survival Guide! 

The Ancient Crystal Skull, Synergy, and
Keeper, Sherry Whitfield.
We are traveling again and perhaps you'd like to meet us!

September 28-Oct 1 in Augusta, Maine

November 17 - Sedona, Arizona 
A small Gathering and the Sunflower Ceremony

March 22-24, 2024 in Memphis, Tennessee

International trips in the works:
The Netherlands
The Czech Republic
More info, dates, and places coming soon!
Augusta, Maine
Sept 28-Oct 1
at "The Barn"
Private sessions
and a special outdoor Laughing Ceremony! 

For more info and to book your spot
Contact Joni Marks TODAY
 The event is filling up fast, so don't wait if you want to experience Synergy Energy!
November 17th -19th
Synergy and Sherry will be in Sedona, Arizona
at the Crystal Skulls Conference!

Sherry and Synergy

And as we have for a number of years,
Synergy and I continue to do our weekly Spiritual Awareness Classes live via Zoom. 
(You can also sign up to get the audio recording if the "Live" times don't work for you.)
 📢 NEW ZOOM CLASS AUGUST 23rd, 2023 📢
"Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull"

Join us on August 23 for an Online class about working with your crystal skull, presented by Sherry Whitfield.
Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times. Each was thought to be a kind of holographic memory device; a database of information about the origins of Humanity.
Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all of humankind about it’s purpose and perhaps what it may become. Mysterious and sometimes controversial, few will argue that crystal skulls are not fascinating enigmas. Are they an inheritance from ancient civilizations…or perhaps from extraterrestrials…? Whatever their origins, there's no doubt they are fascinating!
Sherry Whitfield has been the Keeper of the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy for over two decades. A great deal of Synergy's history is known, making it extremely unusual. Sherry has traveled extensively with this skull, working closely with a small tribe living in the South Pacific, as well as with their spiritual leader, a man named Te Rii'i te Haupoipoi - Rii’i for short. The tribe calls themselves the “Real People” or “The Respectful Ones” and they are the Keepers of Synergy's twin, known as “Harmony.”
This is an extensive class with practical methods for connecting more deeply to your crystal skull in order to increase your awareness. We get into how to “program” and “activate” your skull, and learn about the spiritual Beings that work with crystal skulls - and other crystals. You will learn the ancient technique Synergy’s tribe uses with crystal skulls, in order to strengthen their connection to, and dream with, a crystal skull. She will talk about her visits with the "Real People" and share the meaning of ancient runes carved on the bottom of Synergy. All of this and more!

Sherry's compelling tales about the history of the skull and some of their journeys together will awaken your spiritual passion. Her insights and fascinating stories will show you that we are not alone - we are guided and supported by the spiritual world at every step, as we learn to walk the path of respect for all living things.

Synergy is known as the crystal skull of Joy and Laughter - this class will experience a live spiritual exercise and meditation that raises their spiritual vibrations and increases one’s capacity to feel Joy.
The class includes comprehensive written documentation that you can refer back to again, and again, plus audio files of each class and of the various meditations and spiritual exercises. All class members will have access to a private Facebook Group that’s just for this class. Utilize it to ask questions, make comments, and download the various audio files and documents.

The class meets via Zoom on six Wednesdays starting Wed. August 23rd 2023 @ 6:45PM MST (Mountain Standard Time) Cost is $80 for the whole class - you may pay all at once, or in two installments.
OR you can sign up for just the recorded audio version of each class for just $60. This is great for those in different time zones!

👉👉👉 If you have taken the class before and want to join us again, the cost is just $30. for alumni!

CLASS DATES: August 23rd - September 6th & 20th - October 4th & 18th and November 6th

👉👉👉 TO SIGN UP contact Jaimee Whitfield - message us on Synergy's Facebook page, or email Jaimee directly at:
Every class is different and there is always a surprise or two along the way!

🤔 IF you know someone who you think would benefit from the class, please pass along this info!
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