Some experiences can really challenge a Reader...they act as a reminder for us to do our own work!

I wrote this for Readers of all kinds, but it can apply to anyone on a spiritual path.

If you are a Reader who is working hard at following a spiritual path, there are some experiences that may come your way that could cause you so much internal upheaval that they challenge and change you. The situation may even throw you off your path for a time. What am I talking about?!

Despite our greatest efforts to remain grounded in faith and truth, at times we cannot help but define our worth, at least somewhat, in terms of our culture’s values: meaning that we value ourselves by what others think of us.

If you do Readings for a long enough time, you will inevitably experience something truly shocking: you will - for certain - do a reading that is so off base that it totally stinks. In fact, your reading might be so bad, so wrong, and so completely off track that you feel like an absolute failure. This reading will bring up a ton of insecurities, fears and doubts that you didn't even know you had.
Some people throw away their deck and completely stop doing readings when they do an awful one. And it can go on from there for others: some get angry at or make fun of other people who still do Readings - and others turn their back on anything that might remind them of their "failure." 
This kind of experience can affect you deeply; the entire experience can be dreadful and even throw you off your path. It may change you in unpleasant ways.

Or, you may have another kind of shocking experience.
One day you do a reading that is so perfect and so accurate, that your client is totally amazed. She thanks you profusely and may even talk in hushed tones to others about your incredible psychic gifts. That is the kind of reading that can fill you with awe and pride at how well you did.
This kind of experience can affect you deeply; the entire experience can be dreadful and even throw you off your path. It may change you in unpleasant ways.

Notice I said the same thing about both experiences? That's because both lead to head on collisions with your ego and with your shadow self. Your shadow is a murky part of yourself that you have worked hard at hiding or ignoring. When you do a crappy Reading, the first shock happens: you fold and go into full blown, poor me, "victim mode." Instead of working harder on your skills, and your ability to detach so that you can be there for your clients, you only think about yourself, and what a huge, embarrassing failure you are.

When the second shocking thing happens, it's seems completely different. You are feeling great; confident and "in your groove." You gave a breathtaking reading for your client and they were totally impressed! You begin to feel more certain of yourself as a gifted Reader, (Medium, Channel, etc. - fill in the blanks.) You start to have loyal "clientele" and soon have a long waiting list to be seen.
How could that be a negative? It’s not - unless it goes too far.

People start talking about how amazing you are, and how it's obvious that you are more gifted than the other Readers in your area. It’s incredible how you are able to pull unbelievable details right out of the air, effortlessly! You start to realize that someone with your high vibration needs to have things "just right" in order to keep the energy clear when you are doing Readings. You can’t work next to someone who doesn't have as high a vibration as you do so you tell the organizer that you need a different place - or that the other Reader needs to move. Of course they understand that someone like you has certain needs, in order for you to do your best work. It's only right...right?

When doing your spiritual work with others, be sure to do your own work!

Oops. You’ve bought into the hype that people say about you. You are a super special soul who is healing the world, so you deserve special treatment. Your "gifts" give you the right to act this way. 
You forgot to give any real thought about how others were inconvenienced or disrespected by your “needs.” At its root, this thinking and behavior has the same cause as when you blew that long ago reading: the ego.

I've seen kind and gifted people start out doing a lot of good for others, and for themselves – and then get stuck. This has happened, and will happen, to every one of us, over many lifetimes. It seems especially true for people who really want to be on a spiritual path - We get tested.
It's unpleasant to look at and very uncomfortable to process, but it's also a very valuable part of everyone's journey. Dealing with our discomfort is how we grow emotionally and spiritually.

The Universe will eventually call you on this thinking and behavior. It's a good idea to call yourself out for behaving this way, before it happens when you least expect it.

If you can't do a reading in less than ideal circumstances, then that is on you. If you're reading at an event that seems too hectic where you are, then ask if it's possible to move - without making a drama about it. Don't show up in a shared venue and then put it on anyone else to change what they do, or who they are, in order to make you feel more comfortable. If you have a hard time reading in those chaotic circumstances then be honest with yourself and find somewhere that fits you better: it’s healthy to take care of yourself.

If you are so empathetic that you can't stop "picking up" ambient emotions and energies, then you are likely crippled to some degree. Being sensitive is a gift in some situations, but it can also be a serious weakness and vulnerability. Learn to build up your energy field, how to protect yourself and how to clear and release your issues. Get stronger, and learn to detach!  Being empathetic and sensitive isn't a blank check, or an excuse, to act out or expect people to cater to you. Healer, heal thyself!

When doing your spiritual work with others, be sure to do your own work!

Take the time to be honest with yourself: breathe, clear yourself and deal with your emotions and your energy. Use your chosen tools and use them a lot! You’ll gather experiences and wisdom – then you'll no longer feel like an utter failure, when you have an "off day."

And when you are amazing – and you will be - you'll no longer be captivated by what others think about your "gifts.” Keep learning, keep growing - and keep laughing at yourself. It will help you to find joy in what you do and who you are; laughter raises your vibrations, easily and effortlessly.

Go out there and be incredible!
You will not always be right on: just do the best you can, every time - and then, move on. Your readings, and your life, can still be incredible, even when they are not perfect every time...and that's perfectly OK.

When doing your spiritual work with others, be sure to do your own work!


  • Mitzi

    Thank you. Your blog is wonderful – full of common sense wisdom.

  • Cheryl Yarbrough

    Thank you so very much for this posting. In many of my classes I address the phases of the ego quite similiar to the way you explained in this posting and I again thank you for your validation to my thoughts.
    Please continue to share with all of us as you did with this. It was spot on and so needed to be shared.
    Cheryl Yarbrough

  • Susi


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