Access the Power of a Crystal Skull!

Access the awesome power and beauty of a crystal skull!

Interviewers love to ask me if someone can take an ancient crystal skull like Synergy and do something “evil” with it.

Maybe it's the skull shape that brings up these questions with people. After all, in this day and age, and in this culture, the skull is associated with death. That doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what they actually represent; just a century or so ago, the general public knew this.

Could someone 'bad' access the power of a crystal skull? 
People misuse power and do awful things every day. What if one of the really old crystal skulls fell into the hands of someone who has selfish or even evil intentions? There are a lot of stories and some firsthand accounts of experiences with the ancient crystal skulls as objects of intense power, on many levels.

As “Keeper” of Synergy, one of the only crystal skulls with a verifiable and ancient history, I have been privileged, and sometimes dismayed, to witness and experience “firsthand” unusual phenomena happening around it, to myself, and others: small things and larger things…
There have been things that I have struggled to wrap my head around, because I have no rational explanation for what I experienced.
I don’t often share details about these things; I respect sacred moments and events. I understand that some things should not be written about, and others, not even spoken about. The truly sacred is often also ephemeral.
But setting the sacred aspects aside for a moment… who would ever believe some of the weird, wonderful and at times, terrifying occurrences that have happened to me and around me? Only the people who were with me at those times can truly understand; I am rarely alone when unusual things occur.

So, could someone dark - someone “evil” - access the power of an ancient crystal skull?
If it only takes a strong Will and/or a strong intention to access a crystal skull's energy, then the answer would be yes.
Luckily, for us it makes no difference at all how badly someone wants to access a crystal skull’s power - or how tightly focused they may be in their intentions. Energy normally follows intention, but in this case, a strong intention is not even close to what is required to truly access the energy, power, information and records in an ancient crystal skull.

This is what I have experienced: there is a built in safeguard in the most powerful crystal skulls that limits access, and protects the skull from being accessed, in order for someone to misuse it.
You could say that the crystal skulls are “password protected” from someone with evil intentions.
Whatever power the ancient crystal skulls possess - and I am sure that we have not even begun to understand what they offer humankind - there is only one way to access it.

What is the Password that opens the energy and power of an ancient crystal skull?
The password into an ancient crystal skull is not in any language, and it’s not written in an “unbreakable” mathematical code. The key that grants “entry” is a vibration or frequency. The human who touches the crystal skull in order to access its records or its power must be able to consistently hold that frequency for the entire time before, during and even after they work with a crystal skull.

That frequency is love – unconditional love. Love truly is the greatest power of all... and this is a very specific and untainted kind of love.
For me, and many others, it is the pure and sweet love, along with amazement and gratitude – that I felt this when I held my daughter for the first time.
It’s the love I feel for, and that is returned to me tenfold and more, by my animal family: my dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, cats, birds, and even my fish...
Animals and small children. What do they have in common? It’s so simple: these beings open our hearts. They don't lie about love!

The purity of their kind of love is beyond precious. There is no way to fake this feeling, no matter how hard someone tries. In fact, the harder a person “tries” to feel that kind of love, the harder it is to experience. It’s not about trying at all, it’s about opening ones heart and allowing the love to pour out,  and then in again, and out, and in…over and over.
Do this for hours, days, months - and even years... it takes time to access the energy of an ancient crystal skull, experience it, “download” it, process what has been perceived during this “procedure” and then do it again, and again.
Slowly one can begin to integrate their understanding into something comprehensible. Maybe. Or, maybe not. Some experiences and perceptions don’t translate that well… But at that point, it doesn’t matter anyway, because experiencing that unconditional love as it’s being amplified and reflected back at a person, over and over, transforms them. 

Anything and everything I have seen, known, or experienced of Synergy’s “power” (or any other crystal skull, for that matter) has been through opening my heart in this manner.
If a person can't hold that pure and uncomplicated frequency in their mind and heart, they will never access the true power of a crystal skull. And when you do access that energy… well, that is a prize selfish people will always covet, but can never begin to understand or even recognize.
I don't think “bad guys” can manage to hold that vibration for very long, if at all. They would probably think this kind of “password” is weak.

And by the way…an open and compassionate heart also allows one to “open” and access the energy of any contemporary crystal skull. Touch a crystal skull with this frequency of love active in your energy field and you will be able to access its energy!

Touch the world around you with this frequency of love and watch things transform.

Now, after all of that having been said, I do have to admit that someone could pick up a crystal skull and use it to hit someone...  but I don’t think that’s what the interviewers have in mind when they start asking me questions!


If you want to experience the  real power of a crystal skull, open your heart to love and gratitude. 


Close your eyes and begin by breathing slowly and deeply for about 3-4 breaths as you…
Relax your eyes…. Relax your tongue… Relax your jaw...
Now, go ahead and drop your shoulders…and your arms…
And continue to breathe slowly and deeply…

Now I’d like for you to bring thoughts of someone or something that you love, into your mind and into your heart. Someone or something simple and uncomplicated… like a small child or an animal. Now pretend or imagine that this someone or something that you love is right in front of you, close enough to give them a hug. Take another breath and bring their essence close to your heart, breathing in the love you have for them. And…Allow that love to gently open your heart, to whatever degree is appropriate for you, at this time.

Now put your attention on the base of your spine, on your root chakra. It's often perceived as a bright, clear red, a bit like Jello. Now pretend or imagine that you have roots, like tree roots coming out of the base of your spine and going down deep into the ground, securing you to Mother Earth. You are secure, and this connection allows you complete freedom of movement both physically and energetically.  Let any tension drain out of you, and feel yourself sinking deep into the earth.

Now bring thoughts of something or someone that you are grateful for, into your mind and into your heart... and focus on feeling the emotion of gratitude.
And just continue breathing… slowly and deeply

Finally, take another couple of deep breaths in and then let them out slowly...
And when you are ready, open your eyes.

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