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Major Arcana Tarot Card #16: The Tower - Its Energy In Action

True change is always thorny; sometimes it's devastating. As I write this, much of the world is going through the shared experience of a number of very difficult alterations to the routine of their daily lives. This has taken place within a very short period of time, however, the energy that drives the materialization of intense change builds over a long period of time. As it begins to manifest, few pay attention at first; those who notice the signs and try to say something about it are ignored, ridiculed or even executed. Once the process begins, there is no stopping it. This is The Tower energy at work. As difficult as it may be right now, there is Hope.

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A Hearing Loss Journey: I can still hear a lot...but I don't always understand what you just said.

My main focus in this blog is on spiritual awareness and using esoteric tools to support your journey. However, I am also focused on practical spirituality; that is spirituality that is lived and a part of one's everyday life. Do you 'walk your talk?'For several years I have written and edited a number of articles with information about hearing loss in adults. I woke up this morning and decided to write a little bit about hearing loss here - and to share an article I wrote for the Adult Loss of Hearing Association's newsletter and website. During get together's and Holidays there are lots of (noisy) gatherings and it can be especially challenging for someone with hearing loss to understand what's going...

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Mercury Retrograde... Oh No! WTF?!

It's become a fad to blame Mercury Retrograde for all kinds of issues in your life. I read and hear the most ridiculous things about it and about what it means.I mostly see people associate Mercury retrograde with frustration and delays. In fact, I've been quite surprised to learn through Facebook posts that anything that can go wrong in your life can be blamed on Mercury Retrograde! (BTW - Mercury is not "in" retrograde."  It's either retrograde or it isn't.)

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