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Message and Simple Meditation from Synergy

I had a hard drive loss in October that totally threw off my work schedule.  I lost over 3 years of work and's been difficult to find the time to even begin to start over.  However, I am slowly doing it. (Very slowly!)  I do have many blog articles written that are still available here. If you missed any, they will still be here for awhile.OK!  To begin again and to start off the blog entries for 2016 I want to offer these messages Synergy has shared with me. Synergy doesn't offer many messages for the public. I am privileged to share them, when it happens. "The Earth, and all of humanity, stands on the brink of great change, and...

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Autumn Equinox Sale!

Come see what's new and on sale! Don't see what you're looking for?We're more than happy to try and accommodate special requests! September 23rd is the Autumn Equinox. Here in Arizona, we will welcome the cool weather and crisp air with open arms! Wishing you and yours a lovely day!

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