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THE WALL: Taking a Look at Some Scary and Sad Stuff, and Letting It Go

THE WALL: Taking a Look at the Scary and Sad Stuff and Letting It GoCompassionate detachment is a major component of self-mastery and spiritual growth. We can't always work out everything we had hoped to in a lifetime. Not all relationships last though the rough patches; not all friends stay, even when they say they will never leave you.  A true story about a spiritual experience of letting go in order to to grow. 

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Creating a Network of Crystal Skulls...Supporting the Earth's Crystalline Grids!

At this time in the world, there are more crystal skulls in existence than at any other time in history! These Ancient & contemporary crystal skulls combine and connect, energetically and synergistically, in order to form a crystalline energy network. Why does this energy network of crystal skulls and the humans working with them exist? Does it matter?Read my blog post to find out more!

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Don't just look for the blessing, BE the blessing!

We start traveling again summer 2023! Catch us in Connecticut in August or in Sedona in November. The "Synergy Energy" goes out into the world LIVE via the energy grids every Wednesday and Thursday evening, MST. Of course, you can "tune in" to Synergy anytime. :-D Until we meet again in person... Don't just look for the blessing, BE the blessing!

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