Here are a few ideas and clues and things to think about.

"It's easy for one person to tell another what to do - BUT - the real growth comes in thinking and learning and experiencing for yourself."

OK! You have a nice crystal or a crystal skull!  What comes next? 
Here's a few insights and some things you can try with your crystals and crystal skulls.

Some important things to know about working with a crystal skull: they do things with your energy!

Many Crystal Skull researchers and workers agree that crystal skulls have the potential to do certain things with energy, when carved properly.  Crystal skulls are tools of awareness. Although the exact words used below might not be universally used by each researcher, the concepts are solid.  
We can say that a properly carved skull can:

Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Refract Energy
Amplify Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
and they may...Act as a Witness

This means that Crystal Skulls are potentially very powerful tools of Spiritual Awareness.

Crystal skulls amplify energy. That is something anyone working with a crystal skulls knows and knows pretty quickly. So... what do they amplify when you are working with one?

If you have no specific intent or thought of what you want when you are working with one, (or even when you are around one for very long) then they will tend to amplify the strongest underlying (and usually unresolved) emotional issue.

This could be great for those of us who want to develop our self-awareness. Just be aware that you could feel uncomfortable - even very uncomfortable for a while. You might feel emotional, overwhelmed... upset, aggressive, angry, anxious.... euphoric, giddy, peaceful, joyful... any kind of emotion is possible.

They don't make you feel anything - they might amplify it, though.
It's your responsibility to know that they could do this, and to be prepared. What could you set your intent on with you start to work with a crystal skull, knowing that it will amplify that intent?

I suggest starting by setting your intent to have more clarity. When you start out, and even at many points during your life working with crystal skulls, If you try to be more complicated in what you want them to assist you with, you may trip yourself up. The subconscious is very literal and you have to know how to 'talk' to it to get it to cooperate. 
Crystal skulls, at a certain level, are simply taking your intent and amplifying it - they are not yet doing anything else with that 'vibration.'
So, keep it simple!

Clarity is a simple, yet extremely powerful, concept. It can help anyone in a variety of situations to have clarity. IF you have clarity, then you have a priceless tool for spiritual and emotional growth.
Lots of people try to increase their psychic abilities. You probably already have some abilities, but perhaps you wish you had more. Work with what you have first and make the most efficient use of them! Almost certainly, as a Human Being, you will have times when you lack clarity. What do you do to figure out what the heck something might mean, (like a dream) when it happens? 
Increase your clarity and you will be able to see the next step! Your own Desires and Fears will interfere with your clarity. That's because you are human. Practice self- honesty so you understand your own motivations and desires - and to look at your fears. We all have them. It's nothing to be ashamed of. 
Learn to be grounded energetically and most important - open your heart chakra to whatever degree is appropriate and natural and correct for YOU.  Clarity is the key!

Crystal Skulls Reflect Energy
Let's speak about honesty. I feel that it's important to be rigorous and persistent with self-honesty - especially when you are working with a crystal skull.  They will bring up your deepest feelings and amplify them.  They will Reflect them back to you.
I said it might be uncomfortable... it also might be a little scary, at times, to take a hard look at yourself.  But Crystal Skulls do much more than amplify energy! They are tools for your spiritual awareness! Keep in mind that a crystal skull could help you transform any emotions that come up, also.

Also remember that just because a thought comes into your head doesn't mean it is true.  Don't just dismiss it, but take a close look at it.
Your own Desires and Fears will interfere with your clarity.  That's because you are human!  And because we are all human and have inner conflicts and defense mechanisms that protect us from seeing some things that are painful. We have to be willing to face ourselves in a very honest way when we look into the face of a crystal skull.

Our inner experiences and our outer experiences must be in alignment or we may fall into delusion. IF you have an experience that shows that you were initiated into an order of adepts but you have not done any real studying in this life then something is amiss.  You may have gone through this in another life but you still have to bring things into alignment in this life through your own actions and work, or it will not be very useful. In other words just because you heard a voice or had a vision doesn't mean it's true or possible in this time and place. 

Make sure that you have other evidence in your own outer life that you are correct.  Anything that is true will be echoed in several different ways and situations in the outer world.  Perhaps through things other people say to you, or books. Or even in a class that you take. 

You can't discount the fact that other people have very similar experiences with crystal skulls. I do not discount subjective experiences when there are so many that tend towards being the same all over the world. If there isn't some truth in this, then why are so many experiences with people who do not know each other very similar?  Yes, there can be mass delusions, but it's worth keeping an open mind anyway.  

If crystal skulls are real and they really are tools of spiritual awareness then why should we be afraid to take a hard and honest look at our experiences with them?

Many people are afraid of this idea or process of taking a hard look at their own spiritual or psychic experiences.  They are afraid they may not hold up under scrutiny, or might be incorrect. Maybe because they fear they are making things up.  Maybe you are making it up - and maybe you aren't - but  if you are too afraid to test the things that you experience then you will never know. 
I think it's better to know.  But I admit that I have a bias about this because I have spent many years as a research subject for various physicians and scientists dealing with research on psychic phenomena. I am not afraid to look at myself anymore. 
Many metaphysical areas of interest are filled with people who make predictions that don't come true or pronouncements that can't be tested and don't seem to work very well. Their channeling or announcements may sound good at the moment, but if there is nothing but emotion driving it then maybe we need to step back and think about it before we jump on a bandwagon. Please do not give your own personal power to anyone or anything, including a crystal skull.  That's not spiritually sound in any way. 

Not every crystal skull is ancient.  That's just reality. But so what? No crystal skull needs to be ancient in order to be a very powerful tool of spiritual awareness. They are good enough as they are - and so are you!  You are perfectly good the way you are!

So now you know that one amazing thing about crystal skulls is that they do bring up emotions and thoughts.  But they do more than just amplify energy!  Always remember that a crystal skull could help you transform any emotions that come up, also.

Work With Your Crystal Skull!

The first layer of working with any skull, including the ancient ones, is "to remember."  
This is the first layer - and this layer has many other layers within it.  
What you are to called to remember is who you really are.  It's so easy to get caught up in the daily things and forget that each life is short and sweet, even with the difficulties.
The real you is a Being of Light. You are a Spiritual Being, inside of a physical body. Remember. ---Sherry Whitfield, Guardian of Synergy.

Here is one way for you to work with your crystal skulls:

This exercise, is “intent driven,” as are all exercises that utilize the subtle energies around us. When you start to act "as if" something is possible, your intent will start the process.

I like to prepare for any spiritual exercise by taking a minute or two beforehand to start relaxing a bit and opening my mind and heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for me, at this time. 

I begin by bringing thoughts of someone or something that I love into my mind and into my heart. I imagine that the someone or something I love is in front of me and I am giving them a hug, drawing them closet.
NOTE: Pick someone or something simple, that you do not have a lot of issues with. It could be a pet or a small child… Someone or something that you feel the love with naturally enough to make you smile.
Take deep breath and breath in the love you have for this someone or something and allow it to open you heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time. Give it a minute or so and allow your heart to open.  

Now hold your skull firmly in either both hands or, if it is small, in just the right hand. Keep the thought of what you wish to work with in mind.
The crystal skull receives the energies via the physical body of the person holding it, absorbs the vibrations, then amplifies them and re-broadcasts them outwards. These amplifications are received by the chakra (or receptors) in the left hand and relayed up the arm, to the brain, to a gland called the hypothalamus and or the limbic system, impressing the vibrations on the sub-conscious mind. The energy continues on, moving down to the right hand, holding the crystal. The process continues in a loop, reinforcing itself. The skull shape is especially effective in this process, as the inside back of the skull acts as a kind of satellite dish, to broadcast the vibrations of the person using it. It will amplify your intent. I suggest you begin with the intent that the skull will amplify your clarity. 

Bring the skull to your face and slowly begin to breath into the face of the skull. This is a South Pacific way of working with a crystal skull. Breath into the face of the skullthen inhale deeply from the skull.  Continue this for about two minutes and then gently set the crystal skull down. 

That's it!  That an easy yet extremely effective way to begin working with a crystal skull!  Even persons who have worked for years with crystal skulls will find that they can unlock a new layer by breathing with them. 

The “Best” way...

When it comes down to it, see what feels correct to you. It's all about opening your heart and staying in a place of love.  That's how you access the 'power' of any crystal skull.'   
For me, one of the ‘best ways’ to feel their energy and discover more about them is to breath with them, then look at them in detail, turning them over and over in my hands. I open my heart and feel them. 
Love them!  Just
There is always more to learn - this is just a starting point.
Interact with them - and How you interact will likely be perfect for you.
Hold them, talk to them, breath with them, meditate with them, dream with them, place them in patterns, carry them around, display them on shelves, wear them, give them away, etc.  And sometimes, just looking at your stones may be perfect.

Remember to carefully go over the list of things at the beginning of this that post on what Crystal Skulls will do with Energy - YOUR energy! 

Ask yourself this...
What would YOU do with a tool that could really do something like what I have described? 
You will receive far more than you ever realized you could, if you are open to the possibilities.

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