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Does size matter when choosing a skull, crystal or stone?

Here is a frequently asked question I think bears answering here.  QUESTION: "When choosing a crystal skull does the old philosophy that bigger is better apply? If a small skull is chosen instead of a large skull - is the energy or properties less?"ANSWER: I am happy to give you my opinion about this. :-D This is all about energy, and that isn't physical. So the short answer is no, size is not what matters. So how do you pick the 'right' stone? What matters is your interest in or strong attraction to that particular stone. You will be attracted to something that is energetically compatible. IF you pick by size alone you may end up with an expensive paperweight. I...

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Programming and Working with Your Crystals, Crystal Skulls and Stones

Many people wish to work with a crystal skull or other stone in the hopes of bringing about or reinforcing positive change in their lives. Programming your crystal sounds kind of strange, but it’s really just a simple way to ask it to be your partner. It is stating what your expectations and wishes for the partnership are, both to the crystal or stone and to yourself. That doesn’t mean that you need to know or think of anything and everything that could possibly happen or that you will want. It's is more of an introduction to the two of you. You may not get exactly what you expect or wish for – you might actually get a lot more!...

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