Programming and Working with Your Crystal Skulls, Crystals, and Stones

Sometimes you may want to work with a crystal, crystal skull, or other stone, with the hopes of bringing about, or reinforcing, a positive change in your life.

The idea of "programming" your crystal may sound kind of strange. That word "program" seems to imply that you will be forcing your Will upon the crystal.
That is not what this is, at all.
I am suggesting a simple way to ask it to be your partner and then convey what you are asking for help with.

(I always ask for the help of the deva that is in the stone or crystal. I ask it if it would like to assist me in my project. Treat the deva and the work with respect, and it will go well! It's not covered her, but I will post a long bit about them soon.)

Before I do anything else, I state what my expectations and wishes are for the partnership. I state them both to the crystal or stone, and to myself. 
That doesn’t mean that you need to know exactly how you want it to go, or that you have to think of anything and everything that could possibly happen during the process. You just need to be simple and clear. Think of it more as an introduction, and then a request for the two of you to work together. 
This is just a place to start. 

A traditional way of "programming" a crystal involves sharing your energy with the crystal and any Being that may be within it.  The energy you share is the energy of your thoughts, feelings, goals and hopes. You share via your subtle energy, while holding the crystal or stone. If you are focused when you do this, the energy message will be clear and the stone or crystal will help to intensify the energy and then send the energy back to you.
This energetic sharing can act as a constant subconscious reminder to you of what your goal is. 

The idea of how this works is that the crystal receives and absorbs the vibrations of the energies then re-broadcasts them outwards and/or back to the person holding the crystal, creating a kind of "feedback loop."
If you are working with a crystal skull to accomplish this, rather than a more natural shaped crystal or stone, then it will also amplify and then reflect the energy back at you. This is one of the qualities of a crystal skull.

The subtle energy body or "Aura" is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds each of us. It’s not visible to most people, but it is instinctively sensed or experienced by others. You don't have to see it, to experience it accurately.
The Aura is often shaped somewhat like an egg, with a kind of "eggshell" that encloses it. Everyone has colors, and clouds, swirling around inside.
Your energy field extends beyond your fingertips, and it expands or contracts, depending on what you are doing, and your emotional state. This energy field holds information, emotions, and other frequencies or "vibrations."

When you are working with spiritual energies, it's important that your intent be as clear as possible. Energy follows intent.  I always try to keep what I want clear, and simple.

I like to make a short list that helps me to clarify what I want. I take a little time to think about it.
Let's look at an example of something you can try at home.
First, make a clear and simple statement, or declaration, of what you want, as if it is happening right now.
"I am open to receiving, and recognizing, Guidance in my life."
Now let's break it down a bit, so you can think about what that might mean to you. This step will help you to make and hold a clear, simple intent. Here are some things to think about:

What would it "look like" if you could receive and recognize things that make up your "Guidance?"
Your Guidance could include:
Anything your Guide(s) point out to you or bring into your awareness.
Anything coming from your High Self, and into your awareness.
A heightened awareness of your  "sense of knowingness."
Dreams you might have - even fragments that may stick in your mind.
Now think about these things:
Where will you be when "it" starts to happen?
What will you be doing?
How will you feel when you realize this is happening? 
What will it take for you to know for certain that it is happening? 

After you think about this for a bit, hold the crystal, stone or crystal skull firmly in both hands. (If it's fairly small, and fits more comfortably in just one hand, that's also fine.)
Always ask the stone or crystal if they are willing to help.
Keep the thought of what you wish to work with in mind, as clearly as possible. 

Now I'm going to teach you a simple technique that will be helpful in many other spiritual undertakings that you may decide to take on.

Breathing with the crystal, skull or stone is a simple, effective way to connect to it. 
This is a technique that comes from the Real People, the tribe Synergy's twin lives with.
It is commonly used with crystal skulls, but can also be used with any stone or crystal. You can work with any shape or kind of stone or crystal in this way.
Even people who have worked for years with all manner of stones and crystals will find that they can unlock a new layer by breathing with them.

Try this exercise. I may refer to what you are holding as a skull, but remember, you can use any shaped stone or crystal. It IS especially effective with the skull shape, because of how that shape works with the human energy field.

I begin by preparing myself.
I have a very simple intent - and that is for the crystal, stone or skull to amplify my clarity.
If you have clarity then you can figure many other things out.

Close your eyes and begin by breathing slowly and deeply for about 3-4 breaths.

Now I'd like you to bring thoughts of someone or something that you love into your mind and into your heart.
Pretend or imagine that this someone or something you love is right in front of you and you are ready to give them a hug.
Take another breath and bring them close to your heart, breathing in the love you have for them.
Allow that love to open your heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time.
Continue to breathe for another for 3-5 breaths.

Next, take a moment to Ground your energy, at the base chakra.  Put your attention on the base of your spine, on your root chakra. It's often perceived as a bright, clear red, a bit like Jello.
Now pretend or imagine that you have a long cord (or perhaps roots, like tree roots) coming out of the base of your spine and going down deep into the ground, securing you to Mother Earth.
You are totally secure, and this connection allows you complete freedom of movement both physically and energetically.

Take a couple of deep breaths and let them out slowly.
Now be sure you are holding your skull, stone, or crystal firmly in either both hands, or in just the left hand, if it is very small. Keep the thought of what you wish to work with in mind as you continue to breathe. 
Now, bring the skull to your face and slowly begin to breathe into the face of the skull.
Breathe right into the face of the skull, and then, inhale deeply from the skull.  Continue this for about one minute.
The skull receives your energy through your breath. They take in the energy and then send it back, intensifying and sometimes, amplifying it.
A skull shape is especially effective in this process, as the inside back of the skull seems to act as a kind of "satellite dish" or mirror, broadcasting the energy of the intent back to the person who is connected with it. .
After you have this "loop" set up, you can set the crystal or skull near you and it will continue broadcasting the "message" until you change it, by doing the same process over and over again. This can last for a few weeks, or a few months, depending on the clarity and strength of your intent.

Now for a few words about Crystal Skulls.
Think about what I've written, and then consider that any stone or crystal will also do some of these things: crystal skulls will do all of them.

Crystal skulls, ancient, contemporary and in between, have the potential to do certain things with human energy, when carved properly.  Crystal skulls are tools of awareness. Although the exact words used below might not be universally used by each researcher, the concepts are solid. 
We can say that a properly carved skull will:
Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Refract Energy
Amplify Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
and they may...Act as a Witness
This means that Crystal Skulls are potentially very powerful tools of Spiritual Awareness.

Crystal skulls amplify energy; next, they may reflect it
That is something anyone working with a crystal skull learns, often pretty quickly. So... what do they amplify when you are working with one? Where do they reflect it to?

If you have no specific intent or thought of what you want when you are working with one, (or even when you are around one for long) then they will tend to amplify the strongest underlying (and usually unresolved) emotional issue and reflect it back at you.
This could be great - or you could feel fairly uncomfortable. You might feel emotional, overwhelmed... upset, anxious, peaceful, joyful; aggressive... any kind of emotion is possible.

Keep in mind that they don't make you feel anything - but they might well amplify it.
It's your responsibility to know that they could do this and to be prepared.
What could you set your intentions on when you start to work with a crystal skull, knowing that it will amplify that intent?
I suggest starting by setting your intent to have more clarity. If you have clarity then you can figure things out!  When you start out, and even at many points during your life, whether or not you are working with crystal skulls, you'll find that having greater clarity will serve you well.
If you try to get more complicated with what you want them to assist you with, you may trip yourself up. The subconscious is very literal; you have to know how to "talk" to it to get it to cooperate. 
Crystal skulls at a certain level are simply taking your intent and amplifying it, then reflecting it back at you - they are not yet doing anything else with that "vibration."  So, keep it simple!

Finally, it's a matter of personal taste whether you love the "rough" natural specimens, or are drawn to smoothly polished stones and carvings, above all, enjoy and love your crystals and stones! You will receive far more from them than you ever realized you could, if you are open to the possibilities. 

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