A Passion and a Joy for My Work!

A Passion and a Joy for My Work
(This is not my usual kind of educational post, but it is from the heart!) 

I travel with Synergy to various places across the world, to bring the crystal skull to where it needs to go, and to meet people that have felt the 'call' of what we stand for and what we may have to offer them. 

From May until the end of November is my most intense and busy travel time each year.
I look back at the Facebook memories that come up, especially in July and August,  and it seems that I was always coming or going somewhere! And I still am.
I love this work and I have a real passion for it. As of this year I will have done about 20,000 private sessions and countless workshops and talks.
Each year I personally get more out of this work - and I am never bored or tired of it. I find that fact to be amazing and beautiful!

Good thing I enjoy it so much, because I am not getting any younger. LOL
If you have ever been with me and seen me work, you know that the methods I use and the way that I work is extremely demanding, physically and energetically. Some people tell me that I must stop and that I'm too frail to do the work. But those people don't know me at all. They mean well, usually, but they don't know me. 

Yes, here I am in my 60's - short, fat, somewhat deaf and I walk with a cane... I have a traumatic brain injury that has it's own implications and complications, brittle bones, etc. etc.  
And yet... 
I'm at the top of my game, when it comes to doing my work!  
How strange and beautiful. I think many people can't say that in their lives and I am grateful. 

This work heals me on many levels. I've had a lot of training over the past 44 years and I'm good at what I do - but it's the energy of the intense resonant field that Synergy and I and the clients create together that makes it possible for me to do the work. The vibration of the field is love and joy and laughter. I trust that. I trust the process. 

I consider all the people I've met and the experiences we've had... Well, I am a very lucky person. The pace is fast and furious at time, but the energy sustains me. The love and joy and laughter sustain me. 
As the runes on the bottom of Synergy say, in part:  "Along the way there is much love, joy and laughter; fellowship and truth will abound." 
Oh yes!

Even though they may not realize it, I've seen that people come to Synergy and I for healing, on some level. I have always said that the private sessions we do are all healing sessions, at heart. I never know what will happen until I put the person's hands on the skull. Synergy works with each person differently. Different levels are accessed and activated each time the energy is experienced. It's really cool!  :-D

I call what Synergy and I do 'sessions.' I do not call them 'readings.'  I have done readings since I was a child. I'm fast and I'm accurate, but this is not what I want to do at this time of my life. So, I only do a reading if Synergy directs me to do so or if a person's Guide asks me to do so. I know what people think a reading is going to be like and I don't want people to have expectations of what I do with Synergy as a typical reading from a psychic. 
I don't want them to think it will be like what they have experienced with another ancient or - even a very active contemporary crystal skull. What I do is different.
In fact, each crystal skull and each guardian is different. They all have their own ways of working with people and all are valid and useful in their own way! 

What I do can be very intense. I use a variety of shamanistic and energy techniques that serve to facilitate, as well as intensify the experience. Many times a session will include past life experiences. Synergy goes directly a life if it involves something that pertains to what is happening at this time in your life. The end result is to give you information so that you can understand things that never made sense before.  
The energy, the insights... everything that happens assists in raising your spiritual vibration - just a little bit - and as a result, to help you to remember a bit more about who you really are, as a spiritual Being. 

That is where much of my passion for this work comes from. I love to support people as they find their way to healing and freeing themselves, little by little, from the tangles us humans all seem to create when we come to this earth and forget who we really are. We can call them karmic ties or ancestral energies... or a number of other things.  Doesn't matter.  What matters it the results. 

Life doesn't have to be perfect to be very good.
Wow! That's a shocking thing to say! 
We all have past traumas and deep disappointments. We all have belief systems that keep us stuck, loss, sadness, a desire to know our purpose... Go back far enough and you will see that we have all lost our 'people' at one time or another.  We can focus on what we have lost or we can begin to refocus, and learn to move forward. It's easy to feel lost and lonely. Especially if we are different that the Cultural norm.  
We humans have so much more in common than we ever have that is different.  We can choose to focus on that. 

We can do so much more together than we can alone. That IS synergy, the energy. Cooperation at a high level. 

Things do not have to be perfect in your life - or mine - to be good. In fact, I haven't seen anything that is perfect...maybe a flower at a certain moment...  
We all want to know love and joy and laughter. We all want to heal. We can have this. It may not be easy.  It may not happen immediately or even be possible for you, all of the time. But that's OK.  That's human. 
Life can be pretty darn good overall, even if there are times when it's not everything you want.  We can learn to accept that who we are is good enough and that we don't have to make huge changes to become a happier person - small steps that you take consistently will lead to where you want to go - and it won't throw you out of balance or make you feel inadequate if you don't meet goals that were set too high to begin with. 
I love that my work with Synergy is a part of this healing. 

Synergy has runes on the bottom of it, carved long ago.  They are an archaic form of the Ogham or Oham language. They promise to raise ones vibration through love, joy, laughter, fellowship and honesty - but there is a sacrifice to be made.  For most people that sacrifice is a small, yet very important,  part of their journey. This sacrifice involves leaving any emotions of fear, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, etc. behind, in order to accept the gifts that are offered. 
Not everyone is ready to do that to the same degree. I have some confidence, based on past experiences, that the people who come to Synergy are ready to begin this and being a part of their process is always beautiful. 

Love, Joy, Laughter... These things raise our spiritual vibrations. I seek the things that bring those energies into my life. 

Yes, there are a few downsides to this work. The main one I will share is the homesickness. I miss my human loved ones and my dogs, at times desperately.  I worry about them. Home and all that it is - so precious to me.  But being away form home is a price I have to pay at this time. 
The second biggest downside is meeting people that I come to love dearly - and then having to leave them - over and over again. Especially the people who organize events for us and allow us into their homes and lives. Many or most of them hadn't met me when they asked and I agreed to go to their place. I go when Synergy says' 'we will go.' Sometimes we go to a place very far away  Sometimes it's to a place with tremendous political unrest or otherwise not very safe. 
If Synergy doesn't say 'we will go' then I stay home.

When Synergy needs to go somewhere, it 'calls' a person to help - and they contact me and will say certain things that let me know that they really were called to help us.
Then I say yes, and things proceed. When I leave home, I often don't know who will pick me up on the other end or where I will stay. This is odd, I know.  Yet, it always, always,  works out. It's really something!  These wonderful people work very hard to help us get to where we need to go and to make sure everything happens.  And in the beginning, they haven't even met us. 

I think that Synergy and I come into people's lives like a tornado! Things move so fast - and wow, unusual, beautiful and amazing things happen!  Then, just as suddenly, we are gone, on to the next place.
I think they are relieved on one hand - and (I hope!) miss us on the other. LOL 
These special people remain in my heart. I always smile when I think of them. And I can't wait to see them again!! The great thing about Facebook and emails... we can stay connected! 
As of today, I'll be home about two more weeks before I have to go again, but I am so busy, the time will seem like nothing. It will be a long and intense trip to the East Coast of the US. I'll come home tired, but will recover pretty fast and get to the piles of work and the chores around the ranch that I left , but still have to be done. I'll also spend time with my family, and friends, and dogs. I will work on training for Sophie, my service dog. 
I'll enjoy home.

I will only be back a couple of weeks between trips and then it's off to Europe. That will be quite a long trip, to a number of countries this time. A lot, lot, lot of work - and a lot of love and laughter with friends, too! 
I have to trust that I will hold up! 
And I know that I will.
How does that happen, that I can handle this pace?  
Synergy helps me.  Other 'Beings' help me.  Love upholds me. 
I know I will 
get exactly what I need to do this work, as long as I am meant to do it.  And as long as I do, I am driven to continue. 

And then I will come home and take a nap.  :-D

I wish you many Blessings and that you will find a work that brings you the joy that I feel! 


  • Claudia

    Thanks, Sherry! This is such a joyous message! I am 65 and have been working 60 hours a week on disaster work in Puerto Rico and am home on break running a fever and feeling a bit old and tired. This was a very uplifting message and made me feel much better! If you can do it with joy, so can I! God bless!!

  • Paula

    I am thankful for the love, joy and laughter you bring into this world. I love feeling connected and being a part of this energy with my crystal skull! Many blessings to you and Synergy on your travels.

  • Your Bobby

    At least you have a wonderful husband who cherishes you.

  • Leonora

    What a beautiful post/ message ! Love this entry!

  • Katrina

    “This sacrifice involves leaving any emotions of fear, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, etc. behind, in order to accept the gifts that are offered.” I have felt this lately. Your message comes at a good time. Thank you.

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