Stop The Karmic Dance!

Stop The Karmic Dance!

How can working with your past lives and bringing them into conscious memory help you in your present life?
After all, when it’s over, it’s over... right?

Each person is not only influenced by their past lives, but in many cases, they are still living out the same emotions and variations on scenarios, with the same souls, again and again.
We create patterns and we play them out over and over again. We are born repeatedly with the same group of Souls, and we are each meant to assist each other in gaining awareness and in working out our Karma.

The interplay between Souls who incarnate together over many lifetimes is fascinating. The outer relationships between people change, but the emotions and the issues that we feel compelled to play out on subconscious levels, stay the same.

Perhaps the most important purpose for doing work that brings you some awareness of your past lives and relationships is to stop the "Karmic dance" that we do with each other, as if we were on automatic pilot. You can wake up! You can learn to face your issues squarely and stop blaming someone or something else. You can also use this information to begin to experience a feeling of an acceptance of yourself and others.
To study your past lives from a spiritual perspective is to begin to understand your motivations in this life, and to let go of feelings of helplessness and victimization. That means that you start to see that everything that has happened or will happen to you has at least some basis in your own actions.

That thought scares some people and bewilders others. Things do not seem fair in life and horrendous seemingly random things happen everyday. It makes most of us wonder what is going on in the world. It's very distressing to watch the news and see the tremendous cruelty and senselessness that goes on in our universe. Man's ongoing in humanity to man is devastating to see.

I don't pretend to understand the full mechanisms of Karma or how things work on the grand cosmic scale. It's well beyond me. Even though we cannot change the world, or make much sense of it at times, I do think we can make progress towards becoming more aware and living more consciously, on a personal level.


I could be wrong, but I think that Karma is not about punishment. It is more about a kind of balancing of energies. The problem with the system is that these things take place over a such long period of time - and we have little or no memory of what has happened. How can we understand anything beyond the surface of things, if we can't remember what has come before?

Here is a quick example of what I am talking about:

Let's say that you have never been comfortable with "Uncle Billy" in this life. In a regression, or perhaps a very vivid dream, you find out that in a past life you were molested by "him." You have the strong realization that this has had a subconscious effect on your feelings towards him, even though he hasn't done anything that you know of, in this life. This may be very helpful information, as far as it goes. But this is not enough to help you to stop your 'Karmic dance' with Uncle Billy. It is only a beginning.
Why? Because, remembering this lifetime where he did something really bad to you isn't the whole story and it isn't so that you can justify your bad feelings towards him. If you go back farther you will find that you did something equally repulsive to him. Going back even further, he did something to you again, or maybe to your spouse, etc. etc. This continues, over and over.
This doesn't justify his behavior in that life or any other. Let me be very clear about that.

Learning about past lives doesn't justify bad behavior in this life on either side.

I'm bringing this up to take a look at how a relationship can evolve and then twist us up over a long period of time with only subconscious memories coming to the surface and no understanding of why there is strong fear or rage or - on the flip side love and attraction - felt towards another person.

The truth is that the beginnings of the difficulties between you and Uncle Billy will probably be so ancient that they never will be discovered.
At this time in history, I think that who started the situation in what lifetime does not matter anymore. The only thing that matters is putting an end to it so you can be free.
After a few lives of "He did this to me, so I got him back good." and "He killed my family so I vowed revenge" etc., you start to see a pattern emerge.
If you have some awareness and the willingness to accept your possible roles in the continuing dramas, then you can take steps to end the constant back and forth destruction. Set aside what happened and move forward. You cannot change the past but you can learn from it. I'm not saying forgive and forget. That's not up to me. Some people have a very difficult time with that and each person has to do what is right for themselves. Do the best you can and move forward.

If you are honest and diligent with your mediation and other studies, you
will see the patterns of your multiple lives. You will see that you, and only you, are truly able to free yourself from old patterns and begin to take responsibility for what happens to you now and how you feel about your life and those around you.

You may even start to learn about balance and moderation! The so-called 'middle path' of total self-responsibility. It is a razor’s edge; a very thin line, that you easily fall off of. But that’s okay! The main way in which we learn about the middle path of balance is by falling off of the path, and going out of balance over and over. But then we return to it, again and again. Each situation becomes an opportunity to find out what you are really comfortable with and what your own personal middle path is really like.

Take a close look at your issues and own them. Quit pointing the finger at the other guy and look at your own feelings and actions. The spiritual and emotional freedom you will experience, when you no longer carry the age-old burdens of hatred, fear, jealousy, self-righteousness, etc., is worth whatever it takes to get there?

And besides, what else do you have to do with your time and your life?  Continue your old dances? It’s your choice. Developing compassionate detachment and acceptance - for yourself and others - is a must on the path to self-realization. Gaining some perspective can help you to develop this detachment and acceptance and eventually, to stop your own Karmic dance.

The result is the empowerment of the individual. You can free up your energies to do other things when you are able to set your past to rest for real. Instead of merely "deflating the balloons" of intense emotions that you have carried around, you can begin to let them go. This kind of growth is a process; it is not a single event. It takes time and effort.
I think it's worth it.

There are a few reliable possibilities to help you to access these memories and perceptions. For example:
could do past life regression work (there are associations that can refer you to a competent regression therapist near you.)
You could learn how to remember your dreams, use a dream journal and begin to remember your past lives and gain insights.

You might have a session with someone reputable who does what I do in my work with Synergy, where we access the Akashic records of one or two of your past lives that are directly involved with what is going on this life. That is a major part of what my work is about and I have done over 17,000 of these sessions to date with people wanting to heal themselves. It is endlessly gratifying to see people begin to find spiritual freedom.

Meditation and contemplation can bring glimpses of your past lives into your conscious mind and this may help you to begin to make connections.
Other techniques might be available that I am not aware of! Research the subject and see what feels right to you.

Use the information received in past life exploration, along with whatever other methods of self-discovery you are comfortable with, such as therapy, spiritual exercises, meditation, support groups, etc., to help you begin to integrate your new awareness into your daily life and take back your own power.

It's a wonderful feeling to let anger, fears and guilt go and leave it behind you. Many people do not believe that is possible – but it is. It does take time and work, but it is absolutely possible. When you are willing to try, one of the greatest rewards is the discovery itself. This kind of work can help you to understand your life's spiritual purposes and bring about the end of your own Karmic dances.

The route to spiritual freedom and self-awareness can be painful, confusing and complex at times, but it's also exhilarating to start to break free of the patterns that keeps you stuck.
I'll repeat myself and say that I think it's worth whatever it takes to get there.
After all, just think about it... what better things do you have to do?



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