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In 2013 I facilitated, edited and wrote a blog for an Arizona newspaper about issues revolving around Hearing Loss in Adults. The paper had some pretty tight deadlines and it wasn't easy to write the posts while traveling with Synergy and doing my regular routine and work.  I was proud of myself for getting it done.  The newspaper stopped doing the blog eventually but it was a great experience for me and I felt at the moment I heard it was cancelled that I would use the same self-discipline to write my own blog in the not too distant future. .

I wanted to write a blog about crystal skulls and my life as the guardian of Synergy, but I was worried about causing controversy with my experiences, because they seem to be a bit different than what I am hearing about from some other people working with crystal skulls.  We each have our own experiences and journey.  They are all valid for us! 
I mean to provoke thought, not to simply provoke. 
I was also worried about bringing private things out into the public eye.  Yes, I speak face to face with people about my personal and sometimes very private, experiences where ever I go.  What I often do is called 'Talk Story'  and it can get very intimate. But not many people come to events compared to how many people might read a blog.  Of course maybe no one will read it, but I'm still going to write it!  You never know how people will react to something that is not the mainstream way of looking at a subject.  I can only speak about and write about my own experience.  It may be very different from yours. It probably is.
I am asking you to please be tolerant and patient with me. 

In a tiny nutshell I'll share this brief history about myself: 
I have a traumatic Brain Injury - a TBI.  It happened when I was just over a year old.  It was a freak accident - no ones' fault.  And my parents didn't realize how bad it was.  No one did.  There were no MRI's or CAT scans back then.  Like one neurologist said, "you didn't die, so life went on."  That's exactly how it was.  Life went on.  I had some weird health issues and a lot of pain in my head, but I lived.
A number of doctors have since told me that I am a walking medical miracle. Evidently my young brain restructured itself and I went on.  I don't know any other way, as this is normal to me.  Yes, I had some seizures when I was older and a lot of other strange health issues, but I'm basically very stable at this time in my life.  I deal with brittle bones and hearing loss everyday, and a few other things, but I feel lucky to be alive.  Enough about that for now. 

I have been what is called 'clairvoyant' since early childhood. I was probably changed a bit or a lot by the TBI.  It never stopped and I didn't outgrow it.  I grew up in a family where "ESP" type experiences were not unusual on both sides of my family.  Everyone had their own version of the same kinds of things happening, but I had it more.  A lot more. It was normal for me, and I never thought anything was wrong with it until I went to school and realized that other kids didn't see their Guides or dead relatives or colors around people.  I see the energy around people, places, things... yes, this includes crystals.  

As I got older I developed a deep need to understand what was happening to me.  This brought me to the doorstep of a psychiatrist, hoping for some concrete answers to my very personal struggle with paranormal experiences. I feared I was mentally ill and told him that.  I was just lucky that he'd been introduced to a psychic physician a few months earlier and taken his workshop on clairvoyance.  He immediately recognized that I was describing something he'd heard before.  
Some people call it a 'gift' I never did.  It could be, but it more often was not for me. I had to grow up and mature before it was much more than something I was ashamed of.  

So... the doctor I turned to was exceptionally interested in and open to my experiences and perceptions. I wanted him to help me to get it to all stop but it never did.  However, as a result of meeting him and him getting to know me, I spent several years working with and for him and other medical professionals, as a "sensitive."   I would assist the doctor in gaining what he felt were insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions. There were some very good things about working for him as a psychic and some very bads things. Over my life I have collaborated with a number of scientific researchers at the University level.  These were individuals who were working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness. But that's another story.

I was 18 when I went to the psychiatrist to beg him to make the experiences stop. I am 60 now.  Over the next four decades I have continued to explore what I call the untapped potential of the human spirit. At times I work with medical professionals, therapists, writers, scientific researchers, engineers and other interested professionals. I am proud to say that my lucid dreaming workshop has been highly recommended by a respected research scientist for its easy, yet highly effective techniques.

With all of this strange stuff happening in my life, you might think I was a natural to work with strange crystal skulls.  But no, I was not interested in them or attracted to them. I had run into a few in my life, but that is a different story.  I was never interested in crystal skulls. I was too busy trying to survive  myself, and to have a life that was 'normal' and less dramatic with all of the psychic stuff.  At an early age I'd learned about the idea of living my life on a 'Middle Path.'   This meant it was a life path of  Balance and Self-Responsibility. I wanted and needed this for myself. A place of internal peace.  Not a religion, but a spiritual self discipline that laid a foundation for my life.  I wanted spiritual growth vs more psychic development.  Most of the psychic people I met, including most of my family, had some major integrity issues. I didn't want to be like them.  I wanted another way.  
I will share something about that in another post or two. 

Let's go back a minute. What is 'Talk Story?'

In the South Pacific, as well as in many other Native Cultures, people get together to ‘Talk Story.’  When  someone ‘Talks Story,’ a person shares their wisdom and insight in tales of personal experiences, using humor and human fallibility to make their points. Others may add to the story as it is being told because collaboration and cooperation are highly regarded in this tradition.

Face to Face there is a lot you can tell about a person.  Online, we rely on their writing skill. Some misunderstanding could occur.  I hope not.  I'll try to be clear, but you never know.  My background in writing is writing for small newspapers and newsletters and writing many workbooks for my workshops.  My style might not be as interesting as someone who is good at writing stories.  I can sit and tell stories about things that have happened to me all day long - that's what I often do when I travel with Synergy.  I engage people in the reality of a world they may not yet have experienced and encourage them to find out for themselves.  But speaking about things that have happened is not the same as writing for me. I worry that what I write might be too dry for a blog about crystal skulls and spirituality.  I don't know.  We are going to have to see how it goes.  Be patient with me!

So, I started to write this blog because I wanted people to know a few things about what I've learned working with Crystal Skulls. I think I have some unique perspectives. Yes, I am the guardian of an ancient crystal skull and it's taught me a lot!  AND I  also have experiences as the guardian of contemporary skulls - especially my journey with two named Monk and Jubilee. They have taught me equally important things. 

I wanted to give a little of my background and eventually talk about more of my experiences.  I've worked with many indigenous people over my lifetime and have an especially close tie to a South Pacific tribe who call themselves the Real People.  They have the twin of Synergy (called Harmony)  in their guardianship.  They've lived in the islands in the same way for tens of thousands of years.  Their oral history is very detailed and specific. They have a history of this earth and the Beings that have lived and do live on it that is very interesting.   
The Real People have not shared much about themselves with Western Cultures, but the time is coming when that is going to change.  Many people think that they are just primitive natives who live in ignorance, but their knowledge about the Universe we live in is incredible. I'm going to share what I am allowed to share, as my friend and mentor, Rii'i, that guardian of Harmony, allows. It's getting time to do so.

This is enough for now.  I will post this one immediately and then more over the next couple of months.  Here are titles of some of the blog posts that I've already written and that are set to upload, even while I am traveling with Synergy. They all build upon one another.  
I hope I can share some things over the next year or so that will be a bit helpful in you own journey of discovery. I hope you want to share with me. 


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