Spiritual Development V.S. Psychic Development

I have focused for many years on working with crystal skulls as a tool of spiritual awareness.
I feel it's important to take a moment and write about the difference between psychic abilities and development, versus spiritual development. This isn't by any means a comprehensive discussion, but I hope it will give you something to think about. 

Psychic gifts are interesting, useful and enticing... but, in and of themselves, they will never lead you to Self-Realization and a greater capacity to love. They have their place in your growth, and can be a big step towards your awakening.  But the highest spiritual realms are far beyond the psychic realms.
We all know people with no scruples who are very psychic.  

Psychic abilities do not equal someone being on any Spiritual path. It's a choice they must make, about how to use their abilities in their life and their work. 

The psychic realms can become a trap!  You may have heard this statement at one time or another. I don't mean it to scare anyone.  What I mean is that one can become so fascinated with psychic phenomena that they forget the reason it exists in the first place.
Psychic phenomena is not good or bad in and of itself. It's what we do with what we learn and experience. 
When we have an experience for ourselves, it becomes evidence of the existence of other realms and Beings, besides just those we are familiar with. It can remind us that there is more to this life beyond just what we can touch. 

All psychic experiences are attached energetically to the physical plane in one way or another. That's because our physical bodies are attached to the physical planes. This includes the physical body and the subtle bodies such as, the emotional or astral, causal, mental and etheric. We only have psychic experiences when we are in a physical body.  After we shed that body we have direct spiritual experiences. 

When we focus on spiritual awareness it brings us higher than any of the physical planes - we begin to raise our vibrations out of the physical plane and into the Higher Realms, also sometimes called the God planes. They are unknowable and unexplainable until you experience them for yourself.  Then you will never forget. 

Psychic experiences  can also be a way to help us to drop our attachment to the purely physical world. It is wonderful to realize that we are not the "meat machines" of our bodies; we are Soul, living in a physical vehicle for the time being. Having a mystical experience can act as a catalyst for your growth and opening. This is great and very appropriate use of the psychic realm. 

However, sometimes the experiences become so interesting that we end up focusing on the phenomena rather than the results.
When you try to force or prolong your contact with these realms, it may defeat the purpose of the experience. Trying to hang onto any spiritual or mystical experience will make you susceptible to the trickery and deceit of the occult worlds.
It is far easier for many to initiate contact with a psychic influence than it is to stop it once it becomes frightening or something that you no longer want. Just ask someone who has messed around with black magic and had it backfire...

Once again, I am not saying that all psychic things are dangerous or bad. That would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water!  For instance, it can be quite useful and a moving experience do go through a Past Life Regressions or a beautiful meditation. There is something very precious about a spiritual exercises designed to help you to become aware of the presence of and the love that your Guide has for you.
And things such as Crystal Skulls can be amazing Tools of Spiritual Awareness and not simply a 'power object!'  

Of course, there are many more examples. My point is, that when you place your focus on spiritual development, rather than strictly psychic development, the "fruits of the spirit" come with your growth, in a natural, unforced manner. You have a smaller chance of getting wildly out of balance with your opening. The mystical or "psychic" things that happen to you when your purpose is one of spiritual development, will happen in order to help you to open and unfold.
And sometimes they may happen to shock you out of a rut!

Think about the ancient idea of the "thousand petal lotus." At first, your level of awareness is on the outermost layer of petals on the lotus; the innermost ideas or petals, are covered or hidden from you. As you gain in your understanding, these "petals" of your mind and experiences, open and you can see the truth of the underlying ideas, in a natural, balanced way. Concepts make sense to you because you have followed a logical path to your understanding and unfolding. Your foundation has been laid carefully and you are building on it. For instance, if you are exposed to the idea of reincarnation before you are ready to accept it, it may seem silly or frightening. But, when you spend time unfolding in other ways, the concept becomes more natural. It makes sense.

All things occur in their own time . . . you cannot force understanding or awareness. Concepts that were once foreign to you will seem natural and correct, when you are ready to accept them.

If you give a child a musical instrument and then force them to practice and insist that they play it, they will probably get very uncomfortable and may throw it down in puzzlement or even disgust, at their first chance. It could turn them off to playing an instrument for the rest of their life. But if you expose them to it gradually, and encourage their interest in a balanced way, without pressure, they may well develop a love for it.

Spiritual growth is rarely comfortable - but it's not only worthwhile, it is the whole point of our existence!
When you focus on the purely psychic, it is like eating empty calories; satisfying for the moment and not very good for you ...  True spiritual awareness includes the psychic realms and experiences - and beyond!  And best of all - it lasts! 

It is said that you must "own your own power or it will own you".  Use the information received in whatever methods of self-discovery you are comfortable with, such as readings, tarot, therapy, dream journals, spiritual exercises, meditation, support groups, etc., to help you begin to integrate your new awareness into your daily life.  When you are willing to focus on spiritual awareness, one of the greatest rewards is the discovery and understanding of your life's spiritual purpose and the end of your own Karmic dances.

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