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Vedic Astrology Report - via e-mail

Vedic Astrology Report - via e-mail

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Vedic Astrology Report! Jyotisha is the Sanskrit word for what is called Vedic Astrology in the west. Jyoti means light, and Jyotisha is the study of the lights in the sky as well as the light within. The Devas (or gods) are the light, they represent positive qualities within us and within the world, which we are a reflection of. Jyotisha is the science to help us remove all that stops our light from shining and therefore the science that shows us how to shine, to reach our full potential.

The interpretations of the nakshatras given are modern renditions of the ancient Vedic system of interpreting. Much of Vedic astrology is dogmatic and judgmental, and modern research in astrology has shown that it is difficult to determine from an astrology chart whether someone is "good or bad", successful or unsuccessful, beautiful or ugly, prosperous or poor, etc.. The judgmental quality of the ancient interpretations has been toned down and a more psychological orientation has been given to the interpretations because the fatalistic and dogmatic original text is believed by the great majority of modern astrologers to be misguided, incorrect, harmful, and confusing due to its

Still, there are many astrologers who find that beneath the categorical statements of Vedic astrology lies genuine pearls of wisdom! Generally, it is about 7-9 pages.

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