Athena Numerology Report - via email

Athena Numerology Report - via email

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The Athena Numerology Report 
This short report uses traditional numerology and requires your full name at birth and and your birth date. (25 character limit, including spaces.)  

For a limited time, I will include a FREE Natal (Birth) Chart Wheel with your order! We'll need your birth date, place and time to do that. 

It will cover these areas: 

Your SOUL NUMBER reveals your inner, private self, the underlying motivations that influence your decisions and actions, your subconscious desires and most deeply ingrained attitudes.

Your PERSONALITY NUMBER shows how you express yourself outwardly, your appearance and the image you present, how others see you, your power of attraction and the surroundings you enjoy most.

Your DESTINY NUMBER represents your overall aims and the path you will follow in order to accomplish your life's purpose.

Your CAREER NUMBER shows your talents and gifts and what types of careers or vocations you are most suited for.

Your MISSING NUMBER (or numbers) show your areas of weakness and what is underdeveloped in your nature.

The FIRST INITIAL in your name indicates the most significant quality of your personality and the traits which make you unique in the eyes of other people.

The FIRST VOWEL of your name reveals your instinctive reaction to people and situations.

You must either include the following information in the "notes" section at checkout, or email it to us at before we can process your order!

Information needed for the report and FREE Chart Wheel is:

Full BIRTH Name (25 character limit, including spaces.)
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth
(IF you do not know your time of birth, give me your closest guess, or I can use 12 noon.)

>>>>We also need a GOOD EMAIL address for you (AND for your Recipient, if this is a gift. That's how your reports will arrive so it must be an email that will accept attachments.

**If we don't get your information or hear from you within 48 hours, we reserve the right to refund your payment and cancel the order.

NO SHIPPING CHARGES!  This report will be sent to you via email to the e-mail address you provide at checkout.