Cosmo Compatibility Relationship Report - via email

Cosmo Compatibility Relationship Report - via email

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Cosmo Compatibility Relationship Report 
A good report for any type of relationship, including distance relationships.

Lots of solid information.
Clear and concise, it's a good choice for anyone wanting insight into their relationship.
Great for romantic relationships, but it can also work for friends, business partners, parent/child, etc. 
In fact, I ran this one for my Service dog, Sophie, and myself; it was right on!
About 10-12 pages.

You must include the following information, for both people, in the "notes" section at checkout,
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Please be sure to include the information for BOTH people for this report!

Information for BOTH people is needed for this report:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Time of Birth -(IF unknown: closest guess, or I use 12 noon.)

NO SHIPPING CHARGES!  This report will be sent to you via e-mail to the e-mail address you provide at checkout.

>>>>We need a GOOD EMAIL address for you (AND for your Recipient, if this is a gift. That's how your reports will arrive so it must be an email that will accept attachments.

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