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(page updated on 09.11.2023)

I offer new online classes regularly!

Coming Soon:
Psychic Bootcamp: an empath's survival Guide! 

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Started August 23:
"Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull"

Five classes are in progress including:

Echoes from the Ages: Unlock the Secrets of Working with a Crystal Skull 

The Art of Mindful Manifestation

Psycho-spiritual Astrology

Ongoing Class in it's 4th year: Tarot

Ongoing class in it's 3rd year: Crystal Healing 3

Coming Soon: 

Psychic Bootcamp: an empath's survival Guide! 



Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times. Each was thought to be a kind of holographic memory device; a database of information about the origins of Humanity. Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all of humankind about it’s purpose and perhaps what it may become. Mysterious and sometimes controversial, few will argue that crystal skulls are not fascinating enigmas. Are they an inheritance from ancient civilizations…or perhaps from extraterrestrials…? Whatever their origins, there's no doubt they are fascinating!

Sherry Whitfield has been the Keeper of the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy for over two decades. A great deal of Synergy's history is known, making it extremely unusual. Sherry has traveled extensively with this skull, working closely with a small tribe living in the South Pacific, as well as their spiritual leader, a man named Te Rii'i te Haupoipoi - Rii’i for short. The tribe calls themselves the “Real People” or “The Respectful Ones” and they are the Keepers of Synergy's twin, known as “Harmony.”

Sherry's compelling tales about the history of the skull and some of their journeys together will awaken your spiritual passion. Her insights and fascinating stories will show you that we are not alone - we are guided and supported by the spiritual world at every step, as we learn to walk the path of respect for all living things.