Creating a Network of Crystal Skulls...Supporting the Earth's Crystalline Grids!


From the first moment that I held the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy, I could feel something unbelievable: its strong and vibrant spirit. It surprised me how independent it felt. And yet, at a certain point, I realized that I could also feel other distinct and strong beings connected to it: beings that were connected to crystal skulls.

I'd seen, but never touched another ancient crystal skull and I wasn't sure about what I was experiencing. The energy pattern as a whole, reminded me of an
 Upside down tree

upside down tree with crystal skull beings in the places where leaves would normally grow. There were many forks and branches, all connected to a “trunk” that reached up and into other planes, rooted somewhere beyond this reality in time and space.
It also seemed to me that there was a great Being that watched over and nurtured the entire "upside down tree"...but that is another story.
I’ve never been fully satisfied with that description of what I sensed. Who ever heard of an upside down tree of crystal skulls? But the impression was strong enough that it stuck in my head. I still don’t have a better way to describe what I saw...what I experienced... even after over two decades of living with, learning from, and working with Synergy.

NOTE: There IS a tree that looks like it grows upside down: the baobab tree. There are several stories about how it came to be, however, none of them have anything to do with crystal skulls!
My favorite saying about the baobab tree is this: “Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.” That could also be applied to the study of crystal skulls: no one person has all of the answers or can fully comprehend what they are, or what they can do.

Essentially, the “branches” of the "upside down tree" are connections and they form a network on the Earth. Each crystal skull that's been carved correctly and is “activated” joins this network. Ancient or contemporary, and anything in between, when a skull enters this network it ties into a worldwide system of love, compassion, and hope.

Synergy speaks for itself, and its twin, Harmony when it says: “It is our wish that we work together to combine talents and energies to create a situation for humanity, and other beings, to begin to raise their vibration/frequency to the next level, if they choose to do so.”
The crystal skull network is a structure that assists this happening. It is also there to help "mitigate Earth changes."

Synergy is the name that this crystal skull is known by, during this period of time on the Earth. It has had other names, in other times. Its oldest known name is “Flame of Life.” This name is still in use by the tribe that Synergy's twin, Harmony, aka “Song of Life” lives with.
Synergy is more than a name - it would be more accurate to say that this is the quality of the energy that this crystal skull manifests or broadcasts, on the earth, at this time. That statement implies that it has manifested other qualities, in other times.

The word “synergy” is defined as the working together of two things (muscles or medications for example) to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Then, 1 + 1 can equal something larger than 2. We could say that all crystal skulls and the humans working with them are synergistic in this way. We can work together for the greater good and when we co-operate, we can do far more together than any one of can do alone.

My dear friend Dr. Jaap van Etten wrote a book entitled “Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines and “Grids.” In it, he writes about the part these energies have played in human development. It is his belief that ancient humans truly understood the importance of the Earth's energy grids and networks. He is an expert on this subject and if you want to know more about these ideas, I suggest you read his book! The substance of what he's written agrees with what Synergy has told me concerning the role of crystal skulls at this time on the Earth.

In ancient times man created structures such as pyramids and temples and placed them strategically in various sacred places around the world. These places were at spots with energy vortexes and other important points that connected ley lines and other lines and grids of the Earth. They also created energy lines by placing these sacred structures at key points on the Earth's surface. Each stone in the structure was activated to the highest level possible. (Some stone structures that occur naturally are also fully activated and act in the same way.) They served several purposes, one of which was to hold and help maintain and stabilize the Earth’s energies and its grid systems, so that mankind and other beings could survive on this planet. These energy grids must be intact to some minimal degree or humans cannot live on this planet.

Over the millennia, humans have spent lifetimes tearing down sacred structures, and broken large sections of this energy grid system that held the Earth energies stable in key areas. We have done stupid and egocentric things to gain power, and fought endless wars that left broad swaths of the energies damaged or destroyed.

There are barren places where dark magic was used in times past. The worst damage is often in areas like cities and power plants; we have generated huge amounts of electromagnetic energy in frequencies that are harmful to humans, plants, animals, and other beings that most people don't even notice.
We have pillaged and plundered the bounties of our beautiful Earth and we continue to build without regards to the energies.
Synergy says that at this point, humans alone cannot directly fix these energy grids; we don't know enough anymore. However, we can help the beings that are working to help us.

How Can We Help?
One of the most important things we can do is to raise our spiritual awareness and vibrations. We can become more loving and compassionate beings: to one another and to all other beings. We can come together in ceremonies of love and gratitude, and as we do this together, we create very large resonant fields of energy, composed of harmonics of pure love. This is a frequency that the Earth can use for its needs. It sounds so simple, and it is. It is also very, very powerful. This will help the entire planet and everything on it.
We can also “activate” our crystal skulls to the highest level that is possible. When we do this, they join the worldwide crystal skull network and create a new energy connection. We don't have the super large, fully activated, energetic structures of ages past, but no matter the size, each individual crystal skull - as long as the inner energy matrix is intact - holds its share of the vibration/frequency and this can help to stabilize the planet's energy grids. These crystal skulls can act like jumper wires bridging damaged areas.
NOTE: I share more about “activating a skull” in another blog post.

We are not alone
We must also become more aware of the other Beings who inhabit this planet, both the "seen and unseen." The ones we can see are self-explanatory: animals, plants, and all of the other physical beings.

Then there are the "unseen." Our mundane world is surrounded by other planes of reality that humans are mostly unaware of. We live side by side, and intertwined with, other intelligent forms of life that are not physical in the sense that we usually understand the concept. There are other living beings that also call the Earth home, but that are mostly "unseen."

When your crystal skull is "Activated" and loved, it will attract these Beings of brilliant light, that have bodies that vibrate at just slightly different frequencies than humans. 
They embody a separate evolution than that of humanity and include any of the "spiritual forces" such as Elementals, Nature Spirits, Faeries, and many, many others. Known by various names throughout history, they have been called Devas and Devatas, or simply the “Devic Kingdom.” 

I believe Synergy when it says that the crystal skull network could help mitigate the issues with Earth energies, but by itself, that network is not enough. We also need the other beings to agree to help us. We do not have a good track record of working with them, or keeping our end of an agreement... but some are willing to try. If we treat them right, more may decide to assist.

The word Deva is from the Sanskrit language, simply meaning "a being of brilliant light" or "shining one" and is used to indicate a non-physical being.
Used in this context, the name Deva is a kind of classification, referring to any of these other beings who are connected to Nature and the Earth. Some are immense, and others are tiny; there are trillions of them.
None of them should be underestimated or reduced to trivial, "cute little guys." These beings are experts on the laws of nature, of physics, and of the formative and structural energies that created this planet.

Early on in our relationship, Synergy explained to me how important these Nature Beings are to the crystal skull network and to the Earth itself. They are adept at working with intense, high frequency subtle energy and can shape and transform those energies into something that can be utilized to "feed into" and support the subtle energies of all physical Beings, including plants, animals, and humans - if they choose to do so.
These Beings are hardworking healers who know more than any human scientist about the DNA of every living thing, as well as the inner workings of everything on this planet.

Plus, these Devic Nature Beings are particularly aligned with the vital energies that flow throughout this world through the various grids and energy lines. They oversee and care for the entire planet, working with other Beings to bring those energies directly to the Earth herself. They are the custodians of forests and jungles, mountains and deserts, rivers and streams, oceans and continents, etc. They easily work with electricity and all types of radiation - and all other natural, (and some not so natural) processes of this world.

These Beings help to keep our world in balance energetically – and with the grid systems currently in such poor condition, they literally make it possible for the physical entities such as humans and animals to live on this planet. Numerous ancient writings say that with "God's influence," these beings help to sustain the world.

At a time when the earth energies are in a terrible state, these beings are not something we can afford to ignore, even in a Culture that doesn't believe they are real. Humans have treated them poorly in ages past, and are scarcely better now. The more people who are aware of them and show them respect, the more likely they are to want to assist us in surviving as a species.

For example, it would take just one old and powerful Elemental who is willing to help, to purify a large part of any body of water. That's just one way they are absolutely vital. They could do some amazing things…things that could give us humans some time… time to mature as a race… time to develop more respect for each other… and time to fully appreciate Mother Earth and all of the other beings we share her with.

Soon after Synergy came into my life I began to understand the potential importance of a Crystal Skull Network.
I live my life with the understanding that on the Earth plane the concept of “Thought, Action, Manifest” is the rule. We can’t just think about something happening and then expect it to happen. When we are in a physical body we have to do something in order to get something. We don't just think a paycheck into the bank! There are ways to manifest what you want, but all of the ones that work consistently require some effort. They require you to BE the energy that you want to manifest.

The first year Synergy lived with me, I realized that I would have to make major life changes if I actually wanted to support the energetic Network – and Synergy.
In 2001 there were not very many crystal skulls available, so the first thing I did was set out to find some good carvers willing to make me more crystal skulls.
At that time I had five gift galleries and more importantly, great contacts in the gem show and "rockhound" world. I've known many of the top vendors since the early 1970’s and whenever I could, I had helped quite a few of them. As a result, I had some good friends in the rock world. I went to the ones I hoped might help me, and asked them to carve me some crystal skulls. It took me a few years, but an increase in production of good quality skulls became a reality.

Meanwhile I had to make people more aware of crystal skulls. Before it was a “thing” I started paying for my ad about crystal skulls to be in the top three of Google searches for crystal skulls, spirituality, meditation and other targeted searches.
I chose to advertise crystal skulls in general, and what they could offer – and not to focus on Synergy and I. Maybe that was a mistake financially, but it wasn’t a mistake to the crystal skull world. I have supported the entire crystal skull network, whether or not I knew the humans involved personally. I support the people and businesses who work with and sell quality crystal skulls that are carved carefully and with respect.
But I do not support the businesses that pay young children (usually girls under 10 years old) a few cents a day to carve skulls.
The kids learn to carve beautiful skulls at a cheap price – the financial price someone pays for a skull is low, but the cost is high when you consider the health of the child who carved it. Many, if not most, get sick from breathing the dust created from carving in a poorly ventilated factory where they work and may also live. Some of them die, other are left with damaged organs.
Those companies are now the top producers and sellers of crystal skulls. It’s none of my business what people decide to do, including where they want to purchase a crystal skull from, however, I will not offer any skulls from these places. There is a lot more to that story, but that’s the gist of it.

Since Synergy came I've lived frugally, spending most of my time, money and other resources obtaining contemporary carved crystal skulls that have intact inner energy matrices. I’ve dragged my daughter, Jaimee, along with me on this journey.
We spend a good deal of time each year hunting down crystal skulls that will hold the "Synergy Energy" vibration. Synergy then charges them with that ancient energy…  When they are ready to go out, we list them on the internet. Then we take the money that comes in and do it all over again. Jaimee and I have sent many thousands crystal skulls to their “Keepers” in places all over the world. It’s a lot of work and there’s just the two of us doing the day to day things required to keep all of the “balls in the air.” 
Even though it wasn't a great financial move for me to make, I truly believe that building up the crystal skull energy grid is a worthwhile thing to do, or I wouldn't continue to do it. Money is far from everything, and not a one of us can take it with us at the end of our lives.

Let me be clear that it's not only crystal skulls that Synergy, Jaimee and I offer that can be significant!
Any crystal skull that has been carved correctly, and most importantly, with respect and care, has the potential to be a part of this network! No matter where it came from, your crystal skull can be an important part of this network!
Love is an essential part of working with a crystal skull - and with the Network. It's important to the energy of the crystal skull, and to the Being that may be inside your skull (or other crystals) that you touch your skull with love and respect, every time. Your skull will reflect it back at you – every time.

I hope you'll think about joining us in the creation and expansion of the Crystal Skull Network!


  • Martha

    I have been drawn to crystal skulls for the last two years and have just now begun to purchase them and work with them. This article resonates strongly with me, as I feel I am to use them to help heal both myself and the earth around me as I travel. Thank you so much for your articles – they are a great source of information for me. Light and love….

  • Katrina

    Things I had never considered. What a responsibility – yet one that would really not take much time – to share the love and raised vibrations through the world to heal the mother earth. And what an honor to have a place in this endeavor. Yes – this message needed to be shared to open our minds, hearts and to remind us that we are each important.


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