Recognizing How Guides, Angels, etc., Communicate With Us


 People have a tendency to think that all communication with their Guides or Guides, etc. is like the movies will show----you see a vision of this magnificent Being and start to have a nice conversation!   This is rarely the case and people sometimes will be upset or discount their experiences until they drop their expectations and begin to understand  the different methods and combinations of methods that they use to get through to us.  There are endless  ways that they may use to reach you!  Here are a few ways that you may perceive or experience communication from your Guides.

AUDITORY: Auditory refers to hearing, so this can be anything that involves you hearing something.  You may hear a voice. It can sound like a voice outside of you, or could be the "small quiet voice inside".  The voice may sound a lot like  yours,  or  it may be unfamiliar  and / or  accented. Or it may not sound like a voice at all.  

Auditory also includes a subcategory like hearing things that go on around you in the world, but they suddenly become something you are aware of.  Such as You may  turn  on  the radio or  even the TV  at just the right time to hear a  snatch of a song or even commercial  that has a message in it. When this happens to you, you need to pay close attention to what was going on with you at the precise moment that you heard the message.
People in our culture  tend to be more open to music than many forms of communication. Music may be heard, before or during a message or music may be the message, like when some fragment of a tune may keep running through your head.

VISUAL:  This can be where  you actually "see" the Guides, Masters and Guides.  It's  rare for a person to "see" their Guides in the same way as if it were another person they were seeing.  When it happens, it's usually not daily. 

Or, you may be seeing symbols or pictures in your mind, or maybe around a person you are talking to.  You may see something over and over  again, put  in your  path  by your Guide. 
In your meditations you may see images that your Guide has sent you.  They can be fragments, or follow a storyline.  Or you  can  see something  ordinary and in that moment, it becomes overlaid with meaning.  

KINESTHETIC: This is a physical touch or extremely strong feeling of something around you or watching you. You may feel their energy field brush through or immerse into yours;  this can be  subtle  or  profound. 

You may  feel a  touch  on the shoulder, or elsewhere, depending on each persons' receptivity to touch. Parts of your body may feel prickly or the hairs raise on your neck or elsewhere.  It may be a very definite feeling of a  "presence", - an  Energetic Quality.  This may be accompanied by feelings of great love emanating from the presence.  These are a fairly  common occurrences.
Other common forms of kinesthetic communications include automatic writing, sculpting, painting, drawing, etc.

VERBAL:  This is when you open your mouth and you hear something amazing come out  and  you wonder  "Where did  that come from?"  
You say just the right thing at the right time!  

SYMBOLS: These are your  personal  symbols, totems, animals, etc.  Nearly everyone has seen objects in  clouds, curtains,  walls,  etc.  Messages can be transmitted in this fashion.  Symbols that we receive may be ones that "haunt" us for years and require the  gradual unfolding and processing of years of work.  (For many years I  saw  the image of a blue pyramid, which was meaningless until I had an insight, as an adult).

This includes various types  of  tools  that  we for insight and divination.  This includes but isn't limited to I Ching, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Astrological charts, etc.    Animals, insects, etc.  can also bear messages.

DREAMS: Your Guides speak to you through your dreams. Dreams need to be remembered to be of the most benefit to you, however. Therefore, it is NECESSARY to keep  a  dream  journal, especially in the beginning.  

When you don't remember your dreams or they seem confusing, it may be because some part of your mind is censoring what you can remember in a waking state. This is a way of protecting you from spiritual shocks by disguising the message. 
I will cover dreams more in future posts.

OLFACTORY: You  may  perceive  an intense smell or fragrance that heralds your Guides or Master or that is closely associated with some feeling, memory or experience in your past.  This can even give you a clue as to what is going to happen to you in the future or give insight on something as it happens, if, as an  event  unfolds, you remember that you smelled this fragrance before.  A smell  may give you a much needed clue as to what is going on.

TASTE:  All senses can be utilized, including taste.  Example: "That left a bad taste in my mouth!"

A SENSE OF KNOWINGNESS:  This is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it,  but it is the most common form of communication.  Yu simply have an absolute certainty about some event, question, situation, etc., and know exactly what the answer, action to be taken, etc., is.  No one can convince you otherwise!
People tend to underestimate the power and real elegance of this method but I think it is a very high vibration.

HIGH SELF: The High Self is a reflection of the Soul.  It is the closest we  come  to our individual Soul essence while in the physical body.  The High Self is the means we use to reach our Guides and  the  ability to interact  and  communicate  with  our  Guides  depends upon the clarity of the connection with the High Self.  That clarity and communication depends upon being "Grounded".  

The integration with the High Self is a process of moving  into and  out  of  harmony with ourselves, over and over.  Sometimes it seems as if we are "in the flow" and everything is moving easily and effortlessly.  Other times it may not be that simple.  Sometimes it can seem like we will never feel that ease again.  As time go on and our commitment is strong, we move into the flow for longer and longer periods of time.  But it is not a linear process.  It is two steps forward and one back.  Although the High Self is not a Guide, it is often called an "inner teacher".  Often considered  a   separate entity, the High Self is best considered as part of the interrelated whole.

THE WAKING DREAM: There is a strange way that many of these methods come together for some people.  I call this a "Waking Dream."   It can be a very simple event, such as meeting someone on a bus, a total stranger and having a conversation with them about the very thing that was bothering you.  You go away feeling much better, musing on how nice it was that you needed that very conversation to help you get perspective and then, what do you know, there it was... It can be more complex and it take place as a series of coincidences or happenings that give you information, warnings, reassurances;  whatever you need for your spiritual growth.  As a general rule, if I hear the same thing three times from three different sources over a week or so, then I pay attention to that information.  It almost always proves to be something valuable to my growth. I plan to write more about this in the future.

Hope this has given you something to think about.  We could go on and on about each one of these methods, but this is a beginning!


  • sharon

    thank you for this post. I’m just now learning more about the strange things I have been seeing and feeling my whole life I haven’t been able to understand, lately its been a pulsating light in my room at night sometimes.. I just read your story of your life and I’m so glad you wrote that, and that you have been empowered by your gifts. its been so helpful to me running across you today and learning more about you, to move forward understanding more instead of hiding it. thank you. (I discovered your page by ordering a skull from you today on ebay, charged by synergy, very excited to get the little guy :)

  • carey boutin

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful blogs! I have acquired quite a few skulls from you that carry synergys energy. They are all wonderful! Thank you for everything!

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