Distance Session with Synergy and Sherry
Distance Session with Synergy and Sherry
Distance Session with Synergy and Sherry

Distance Session with Synergy and Sherry

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I am Sherry Whitfield.
I am the Keeper of the ancient crystal skull known as 'Synergy.'

Synergy and I have traveled the world for nearly 20 years, doing sessions, teaching classes and workshops, and Talking Story.

We've been to a lot of places, but it's a big world and a lot people are unable to meet with us...and now, we are dealing with a pandemic. Traveling is not possible.
However, I do offer some distance sessions as a way to experience the energies of Synergy, for yourself. The subtle energy moves through time and space and  it comes through the connection. 
This is how we will be doing our work, while there is a global pandemic and we are unable to travel.

Sessions usually last about 20 minutes, in person or at a distance.  The time is approximate - we've built in a buffer in case the session goes over, so the time slot will say 30 minutes on the calendar.
I'm continuing a special price $50.00 due to the economy in much of the world.

You may book the time as an individual
you may book as a group session
Group sessions are spent with the participants in quiet contemplation of the energies. There is a limit of 8 people in a group session.

The sessions with Synergy are all, at heart, a type of healing session. The energies work on the Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual subtle bodies.
During the session you will have the opportunity to experience the unique energy of Synergy. 
Synergy works with each person differently. Different levels are accessed and activated, each time the energy is experienced.
I will open the energies between you and the skull and then we will connect to what Synergy has to offer you.
Sessions may include past life information and/or other information. 
Each session is unique and individual.
Some people book a session in order to get some assistance in working with their own crystal skull, to ask a question about Synergy's history... to learn about energy healing techniques or 
whatever they like, (within reason!)
It may also be appropriate to just sit quietly, in a calm and open state, accepting the exchange of energies. 
Group sessions are spent with the participants in quiet contemplation of the energies.
There is a limit of 8 people in a group session.

Whatever happens, I will fully share anything that comes through and do my best to answer your questions.
The end result is to help you to raise your spiritual vibration and so you can remember more about who you really are, as a spiritual Being.
The energy is meant to help lead us to spiritual freedom. 

(Session time of 20 minutes is approximate - we've built in a buffer in case the session goes over, so the time slot will say 30 minutes on the calendar).

IF we experience technical difficulties, the session will be re-booked for a time convenient to us both.


Sessions will be through Zoom, Apple FaceTime or Facebook Messenger video chat.
The service we use depends on which service you have/prefer.  Please decide on the service you would like to use, and then let me know.
I will call you at the time you have selected or if you prefer, you can call me.
IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO ZOOM calls, you will need to make those arrangements at least 5 days ahead of time, so that we have you on my contact list. I do NOT use Meeting IDs I need to put you on my contact list.

We have the Zoom sign up process detailed, in order to make it easier for you, just let us know.
IF that is your preference, you will need to contact Jaimee, my daughter and assistant, via email at least 5 days ahead of time at:
I place the call for all Zoom sessions.

Your booking confirmation e-mail has the correct contact information included, and will show your session time in YOUR local time.
Calls will ONLY be answered at times that sessions have been pre-booked. 

Payments are non-refundable for 'no call, no shows'. If you miss the session time and do not call, you will be marked down as a 'no call, no show'.

Currently there is only one session length available (just like our 'in person' sessions have always been). We may expand and have additional lengths available in the future.

I call what Synergy and I do 'sessions.' I do not call them 'readings.' I don't want people to have expectations of this being a typical reading from a psychic or like what they may have experienced with another ancient or even contemporary crystal skull. The way I work is often quite different.  I'll open the energy and then we will see what happens.  Please do not book if you are not open minded and ready for something different to happen.

Special Price! $50.00

For over fifty thousand years, medicine people, shamans and other native healers knew about the possibility of being able to help others to heal their mind, body and spirit. They used spiritual tools, plants and herbs; they did various ceremonies and had visions, etc.
Many did this work over long distances, using various techniques for long distance healing. They never doubted the power and usefulness of their practices. This was an energetic healing of the subtle energy bodies.

It's only in recent times that people have questioned the effectiveness of distance healing of the mind, body, spirit and chalked it up to superstition. However, distance healing has been proven to be effective for many people. Even so, we still want to know how it works.

The short answer is: nobody knows. This might sound worrisome, because the human tendency is to want to 'know,' before they can believe.  There are theories that distance healing techniques work at a quantum level; that at the quantum level there is no time or space and so we can connect to another Being that is across the planet, just as if they were standing before us. But so far, we can't really prove that.

Distance healing work also seems to involve individual consciousnesses. And we don't know what consciousness is, either.
Some scientists  say that it's caused by quantum particle entanglements, but they also don't really know what that means. They know that something is happening, but they don't know what and how exactly it happens.

The truth is that we do not know how many things in the Universe work, including distance sessions. And not knowing doesn't negate the effectiveness or the usefulness of the energy or the techniques.

I started working for a physician at age 18, as a medical sensitive. Through my life I've spent time working with a number of alternative healing modalities for body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I graduated in 1991 from an intensive program at the legendary "Desert Institute of the Healing Arts." Before and after that, my teachers were native Elders and other extraordinary healers. In the past 19+ years, I've done over 25,000 private sessions with Synergy.

My focus is on the development of spiritual awareness, and of the empowerment and validation of each individual. I've taught numerous workshops, around the world on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects. My work with Synergy is rooted in respect and in building a group vibration or resonance that encompasses compassion, gratitude, acceptance and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love.

"The first layer of working with any skull, including Synergy, is 'to remember.' What you are called to remember is who you really are. It's so easy to get caught up in the little daily things and forget that each life is short and sweet, even with the difficulties. The real you is a Being of Light. You are a Spiritual Being, inhabiting a physical body. Remember...”   ---Sherry Whitfield

* DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician.  I don't diagnose or treat illnesses.  If you think you have a serious medical problem, you should consult your primary care physician immediately.

** IF you have had sessions with other ancient skulls, please set aside your expectations before you come to one with Synergy and I. Each crystal skull and each guardian is different. We all have their own ways of working with people and all are valid and useful in their own way!

Special Price! $50.00