Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage
Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage

Carnelian MERKABA Spinner Pendant - Joy, Courage

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This crystal has been charged with subtle energy from the Ancient Crystal Skull known as SYNERGY.

This is a Carnelian MERKABA spinner pendant! Shown next to a US quarter coin for size comparison. The Carnelian Merkaba bead in the middle of the spinner cage has interesting patterns/banding, both dark and light, with subtle color variations throughout. It can spin a full 360° degrees in its little cage! The cage and bale are rhodium plated. 

It measures approximately 1 5/16" inches long (including bale) X 7/8" inch wide. Code-622

"Merkaba" is an ancient Egyptian word to describe the energy or Aura that swirls around people. It translates as : MER = Rotating fields of light  KA = Spirit   BA = Soul

A 'Merkaba' field or Aura, exists around all living things, protecting and nurturing them. High vibrational thoughts like love, acceptance, truth and forgiveness strengthen your merkaba, speeding its rotation. Fearful and negative thoughts weaken and slow your merkaba. Merkaba meditations facilitate spiritual growth and activation. Working with the merkaba can strengthen your creative power and speed positive change in your life.  

Carnelian is a type of agate that is thought to open your heart and bring in joy. 

It supports one’s individuality and courage. Some have called it the "Actor's Stone" and others have called it the "Warrior's Heart Stone."

Carnelian signifies the male aspect of subtle energy. It is a stone that supports Action and a phrase that has been associated with it is "God helps those who help themselves."
Carnelian is thought to build up vitality and strengthen the body. Like everything in the agate family, it is a protective stone, thought to bring good luck and the ability to manifest one's’ desires.
Carnelian has traditionally been used to help ease sorrow and protect a healer from anger, envy, jealousy and fear.
It is also thought to act as a memory aid, and has been worked with to assist in the recall of past lives, especially those as a warrior or one that required great stamina and courage to survive.
Indigenous Medicine people offer this stone to assist one in stabilizing the energy in a home and in finding the right mate.
In Crystal Healing, carnelian has been used for open sores, sepsis, kidney problems, including kidney stones, and allergies.
Carnelian is associated with the Root and Sacral Chakras.

Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times.  Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all mankind, including what may be discovered when we overcome our fear of death. 


 The first layer you encounter when working with any skull, including Synergy, is "to remember."  This is the first layer - and this layer has many other layers within it.  What you are to called to remember is who you really are.  It's so easy to get caught up in the daily things and forget that each life is short and sweet, even with the difficulties.  The real you is a Being of Light. You are a Spiritual Being, inside of a physical body. "Remember."

Crystal skulls are tools of awareness and they can:
Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
Amplify Energy
This item is being offered by Sherry Whitfield, the Guardian of 'Synergy' one of the world's most famous life-sized ancient crystal skulls. 

Synergy and Sherry are written about in several books, including two standard references about crystal skulls, by Dr. Jaap van Etten, PhD, as well as other books and publications too numerous to mention.

Sherry has been interviewed for Sci Fi / History channel documentaries about crystal skulls ,including on the History channel, series "Ancient Aliens" and with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Synergy and Sherry are featured in the Avalon video production about Crystal Skulls, entitled "Echoes From the Ages: Talking Story with Crystal Skulls" and have been involved in the SciFi channel Ghosthunters TAPSCON paranormal convention in Florida, as well as having been featured at many, many Crystal Skull, Metaphysical, Spiritual and Native gatherings across the the world. 

Sherry Whitfield is an internationally known facilitator of workshops on various spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric subjects. Sherry emphasizes simple, practical applications for spiritual, personal and professional development. Clairvoyant since early childhood, she is known for her down to earth and gently humorous approach to spiritual topics. She's been the guardian of Synergy since February, 2001.

People have asked me about how I clear my stones. You can read my BLOG entries on this site about working with crystals and skulls for details.  Every one of the skulls and stones that I list  has been with Synergy and is fully charged with the energy - after all - that's the whole point of me offering them to the public!
I am not an expert on everything I sell. I make every effort to describe items honestly, in detail and to the best of my knowledge. These descriptions are an "opinion" and my opinion may be different than yours. Each monitor shows colors slightly differently. So, keep all of this in mind and PLEASE view all pictures, read all information and e-mail us if you have any questions. My word is my bond and I hope yours is too. I will do everything possible to work with you, and to make sure that our experience with one another is a happy one. I normally ship items FAST!  I try very hard to get things out within one to two business days of receipt or clearing of your payment. I have no control over shipping time once it leaves my hands.