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Synergy and Sherry's Upcoming Workshops and Appearances

Travels and Appearances (as of April 9, 2017)


As of right now Synergy and Sherry will be in these areas in 2017 and beyond:
(Normally the travel schedule is totally full.  This year is a little different.  Sherry's daughter, Jaimee, is having a baby in July, so Sherry is attempting to schedule trips around the birth!)

April 14 - Tucson Arizona - Drumming and Study Group - at Mystic Candles

May 5-7 - Rome, Georgia - at Stonehaven
Sessions, Talks and Workshop

May 12 - Tucson Arizona - Drumming and Study Group - at Mystic Candles

June 2-4 - Memphis, Tennessee area - at Ervin Hypnosis Center
Sessions, Talks and Workshop

June 19-25 - New Milford, Connecticut
Sessions, Talks and Workshop

Month of October - International trip:
Belgium - 
Scotland - Isles of Iona and Mull - Group trip organized - FB group page "Synergy's Travels"
The Netherlands - Main event in The Hague 

To Be Announced 2017 and beyond: (TBA)
Rutland, Vermont
Augusta, Maine
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC area
Sedona, Arizona
Monterey, California

Some great events are coming up!!

More specific dates and details will be added as we get them set.


Websites offering more information on both Synergy and Sherry Whitfield may be found at:   and