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About Blue Star Traders

Welcome to the Blue Star Traders Shopify store!

We've been on eBay since 1998 and are Top Rated Powersellers.
We know some people aren't familiar or comfortable with the eBay format, so we've expanded our inventory and have new items available here!

We are a mother and daughter team, just the two of us, so you always know who you will be dealing with. Sherry or Jaimee!

We always pick all of our stones by energy first and ALL of our crystals are charged with subtle energy by the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy!

We strive to make your experience with us a good one, so if you have any questions or concerns please just send us an e-mail at!

If you want to know a little more about us before you purchase something,  let Sherry explain a little about her nearly 40 years of experience in picking out crystals and minerals: 

I have always been reluctant to talk about myself and what I do, because it is very different.  I often equated being different as not a good thing.  I will not go into great detail here.  If you are curious, you can find out more about me on my personal website:  

I love crystals and minerals - and I see subtle energy. I was born seeing it. I don't know why I do, I just do. Sometimes it's a pain and other times, it's a gift. Like so many things in life.

I am attracted to stones that have a lot of energy. If they are not intense, I don't buy them. Lots of people feel energy. They know when they have an intense piece. You will know I am not bluffing when you experience one that I have picked out.

I've been buying, trading and selling crystals and minerals since 1976. I have owned a total of 7 gift galleries and each had an extensive crystal and mineral section.  Because of that, I've built up a lot of contacts in the business and I've seen most of what's 'out there.'   I couldn't count the hours I've spent sitting on the floor somewhere, going through flats of specimens, or crawling through a mine tunnel to see a new find... or balancing on rocks and barrels, looking through 50 gallon drums of rough material.

I'd never had much interest in crystal skulls, before the ancient crystal skull, known as Synergy, came into my life in 2001. Over the next couple of years, they seemed to come my way and soon, I had over 500 of them!  I thought that was hilarious and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.

I decided to keep a few to 'play with' and sell the rest of them to people who came to see Synergy or were interested. It turned out that I could have sold 10 times what I had, and so I went in search of someone who could make some for me. I talked with several of my long time vendors who own mines in South America, Asia and elsewhere. They said they'd see that they could come up with for me. It took awhile to get the quality that I want, but now I am able to get some neat stuff!

Now I've seen and handled hundreds of thousands of small crystal skulls, looking for ones with an intact energy matrix and  that are carved in a way that preserves the subtle energies.  I especially like the quartz skulls with rainbows, but I love anything that is intense.

As I said, I've bought sold and traded "rocks" and other things for almost 40 years now. I'm well known as a buyer and as a 'high-grader' or 'cherry-picker.'  That's slang for someone who goes through everything a vendor has and then methodically picks out their best.  'Best' is an opinion, of course. What 'best' means is specific to whatever you are buying.

The 'Best' to me as far as skulls go means the energy is intense, the stone is nice looking and the carving is good.  In one way or another, I've made my living with 'my eye' all of my life and it has served me well.  Because none of us can see precisely what another person sees, I can only guess why my 'eye' has been so valuable to myself and others.   (I still feel strange about talking about how I have 'an eye' and what a good buyer I am. It sounds so pompous. All I can say in my defense is that my record speaks for itself.)

I can see subtle energies. I didn’t do anything to make it happen - it’s just the way I am. Among other things, like auras and spirits, I can see the energy that goes between Synergy and various skulls. It is very interesting. Synergy sends out an energy to the various skulls and other stones and it fills them and changes them. The original energy is there, but it is added to. It doesn’t have to be a skull shape; it can be any stone.

OK, enough of that and enough of Sherry!  I hope this helps lay the ground work to explain that we don't just have a few generic crystal skulls or other items to sell.  Most of you will be dealing with Jaimee, as she runs the day to day business now and has been learning about her own gifts and abilities since birth and especially in the last 10 years working side by side with Sherry. Jaimee and Sherry are currently co-writing a book meant to be a Field Guide for Traditional Crystal Healers.  Sherry's been collecting information from Natives and old-timers working with crystals since 1973 and Jaimee has been helping add to it and get it into a compact format. 

Please check our Sherry's Blog about crystal skulls and spirituality!