A Network of Crystal Skulls...

At this time in the world, there are more crystal skulls in existence than at any other time in history. I'm not talking about ancient crystal skulls; I'm talking about  contemporary crystal skulls, carved within the last 25 or so years.
There are only a very few actual ancient crystal skulls, no matter what you may have heard, and there is a lot of misinformation about crystal skulls, in general. But if you can set that aside and keep an open mind, perhaps there is a larger purpose for there being so many crystal and stone skulls having become more widely available, at this time in history. Like the ancient ones, many of the contemporary crystal skulls are able to connect to one another, energetically. They connect even when there are many miles between them, and as they do, they form a kind of network.

Why does this energy network of crystal skulls and the humans working with them exist?  Does it matter?
I can tell you some of what the ancient crystal skull Synergy says about it and why Synergy - and I - believe that it could be important for humans to learn work with crystal skulls. Synergy says that among other things, as this network builds, it has the potential to help "mitigate Earth changes" AND to assist in raising each human's spiritual vibration, if they so choose. This is powerful stuff and should at least be considered.

This planet is more than what most people can see and touch. It is also comprised of subtle energies. The planet is surrounded by and sustained by a huge set of interlocking grids and ley lines, that permeate the globe and connect to one other, on a number of levels. These grids function in a number of ways, but taken in total, they allow physical life to exist on this Earth. 
We need a certain percentage of them to be in working order and to be healthy, in order for life to survive. At this time, many of them are not healthy or working, for various reasons, going way back before most recorded history. 

In ancient times man understood more about these interactions. They created structures such as pyramids and temples and placed them strategically in various energetic places around the world.  They were located at high energy spots with vortexes and other important energetic constructs, intersections and overlaps. These places became sacred to humans, marking the connections between the various ley lines as well as the other grid systems of the earth.

The ancients actually created additional ley lines and connections by placing structures at key points on the Earth's surface. When they did, each stone in their structure was 'activated' energetically, to the highest level possible. (Some stone structures that occur naturally are also fully activated, and act in the same way.) The highly activated man made constructs formed points where artificial ley lines and other energy lines, could be coaxed into existence and then connected to the whole.

These served several purposes, one of which was to hold and help stabilize earth energies so that mankind and other life forms can survive on this planet. This energy grid must be intact to some degree or humans cannot live on this planet.

Over the eons, humans lost knowledge of subtle energies and done stupid and egocentric and "species-centric" things to gain power and also to hold onto the things that we've built. Humans have destroyed sections of the energy grid, at times tapping into the energy of the grids and pulling too much power, breaking sections down. A number of indigenous people have stories about sorcerers using the power of the ley lines and grids in war, blocking or breaking the ones they used. We've consistently dismantled the ancient activated structures and , at times, built energetically weak structures on top of the sites, intentionally or unintentionally blocking some or most of their energies. We've filled our cities and towns with huge amount of electromagnetic energies in frequencies that are harmful to humans, plants, animals and other Beings; Beings that most people don't even notice. We've built upon the Earth without regards to the Earth's energies. We have pillaged and plundered the bounties of our beautiful planet and spent lifetimes tearing down the sacred structures that served, on some level, to hold the Earth energies stable in key areas. 
If true, this is a terrible thing to consider. 

I know this strikes a chord within many people. I know people who have gone to great expense and effort to travel to the ancient, the sacred places, in order to do something, perhaps a ritual or some kind, in order to try to help "heal the earth."  I've done it myself, before Synergy came into my life and told me that  us humans are the ones who broke the energy grids and we cannot repair them, directly. We don't know enough anymore. This upset me, greatly. But it wasn't all Synergy said. 

From the very first moment that I held this skull known as Synergy, I could feel a strong and vibrant spirit. It surprised me how independent it was. At a certain moment, early on, I realized that through it, I also could feel other distinct and strong Beings connected to it. The energy pattern as a whole, reminded me of an upside down tree with each Being at the end of long branches, connected to a trunk, and the trunk reaching up and down, into the other planes. I'm not really satisfied with that description, but it's stuck in my head, even after almost two decades working with this skull. 
What I saw that day was a kind of network, that was comprised of crystal skulls. At that time, it was a smallish network. There were a few of the ancient ones, and a few more contemporary ones. Fundamentally, they connect and the connections form a kind of network. Each crystal skull that's been carved correctly and then been activated, joins this network.  
Ancient or contemporary and anything in between.
When a skull enters this network it ties into the worldwide system. Synergy about it and the answer was that it's a "network of Love."  
Not the kind of love humans easily understand. It encompasses much more than we can understand from the perspective of our physical bodies. 

We can help the Earth and everything on it.
One of the most important things we can do is to raise our own vibrations. We can become more loving and compassionate Beings. We can come together in ceremonies of love and gratitude. As we do this together, we create very large resonant energy fields of love that the Earth can use as it will. It sounds so simple, but it is very powerful and this will help the entire planet.

You can "activate" your contemporary crystal skull(s) to the highest level that is possible. (See my blog entry about how to do this.)
When we do this, it makes it possible for them  to join the energetic crystal skull network that has been forming worldwide. Those contemporary skulls create a new set of energy connections. We don't have the super large structures of ages past, but each individual skull, no matter the size, all over the world, holds its share of the vibration and helps to stabilize the world's energy grid.
People who dowse or sense energy lines can literally tell the difference when there are activated crystal skulls in an area of the world with damaged energy grids. They act like jumper wires bridging the damaged areas. The worst damage is located in areas like cities, power plants or even places where dark magic was used in times past.

I'll remind you here that crystal skulls do things with electromagnetic and maybe other kinds of energy.  They Focus, Reflect, Refract, Amplify, Attune, Transmit, Transform and Store energy. These are key reasons that crystal skulls could do something in a network, beyond what uncarved, natural crystals can do.
But that discussion will be left for another blog entry.

I spend considerable personal time and money to find contemporary carved crystal skulls that will hold the Synergy Energy vibration and charge them, then put them up on the internet to offer to interested people. I send them out all over the world weekly. I've been doing this for nearly 20 years now. I believe that building up this crystal skull energy grid is a worthwhile thing to do energetically or I wouldn't waste my time. But it's not just ones that I find and offer that are significant. Any crystal skull that has been carved correctly, and most importantly, been carved with loving care,  also has the potential to be a part of this network. Your crystal skull can be an important part of this network, as long as you keep working with it and love it.
And this is a key element of working with a crystal skull: a contemporary skull will lose its activation over a period of time; if you don't work with it and care for it, with love. How long does this take? I don't know. It's going to depend on a number of factors that I have no way to calculate. I suspect that when they are in grids together, it takes a longer period of time for their activation to decrease.

"Mitigate" doesn't mean reverse or totally heal; that will take a long time, and a lot of effort. Mitigate means that this network could help to lessen the severity of the changes by supporting the Earth's energetic, interlocking grid systems as we make other necessary changes, as a species. If the crystal skull network could do this, it could buy us more time. In my book, that's worth a try. 
If you want to do something that could make a difference in the world right now, (besides doing your part to "go green" and honor the Earth in whatever way you feel is appropriate for you to do) get yourself a crystal skull and join us in the network. It can't hurt, and it might help more than you think. 

If you want to know more about Earth Energies, My dear friend Dr. Jaap van Etten wrote a book called 'GIFTS OF MOTHER EARTH; Earth Energies, vortexes, lines and grids.' 
In it, he speaks of the 
part the crystal skulls play in human development and that ancient man truly understood the importance of the Earth's energy grid network. He has become an expert on this subject and I apologize in advance if something I say here isn't as clear as what he has written. If you want to know more about these ideas, read his book.  He covers many more aspects of the topic than I can here. I bring it up this book because the gist of what he's written agrees with what Synergy has told me concerning the importance of crystal skulls, used on this level, at this time on the Earth in order to "mitigate Earth changes." 


  • Martha

    I have been drawn to crystal skulls for the last two years and have just now begun to purchase them and work with them. This article resonates strongly with me, as I feel I am to use them to help heal both myself and the earth around me as I travel. Thank you so much for your articles – they are a great source of information for me. Light and love….

  • Katrina

    Things I had never considered. What a responsibility – yet one that would really not take much time – to share the love and raised vibrations through the world to heal the mother earth. And what an honor to have a place in this endeavor. Yes – this message needed to be shared to open our minds, hearts and to remind us that we are each important.


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