"Activate" your crystal skull!

What does it mean to "activate" a crystal skull?

Wow, that is an area of contention with some people these days! Usually with people who say they are the ones who activated a certain skull. That's OK, we all have our own opinions and I'm willing to face criticism about what I am going to say in the blog post.  

Activation is a word that in some ways I wish we didn't use in the crystal skull world, but it seems inevitable. And it's hard to describe what it's like when a crystal skulls becomes active. The issue I have with the word is when some people use it to make it seem like their skull is more important than someone else's.  I personally think all crystal skulls  are just as important as any other, when used as a tool of spiritual awareness.  None are more important than any other.  They all have their job and their place.  As we humans do, too!

So let's just jump in and  talk about what it might mean and how we might activate a crystal skull.
These are my understandings based on my experiences over 16 years of being the guardian of Synergy as well as working with numerous (many thousands)  contemporary skulls.

The journey you take with a crystal skull is about activating yourself, as well as activating the crystal skull! No one else can activate your crystal skull for you anymore than anyone can fulfill your unique destiny for you! You can get a contemporary skull that someone has worked with and that is activated, but it will not stay activated to that level over a long period of time unless you also work with it yourself. But it's not hard to do!  

There are some very easy things we can do to activate our skulls.

* First of all, love them! Enjoy them, admire them – bond with them!
Wow, they are a part of Mother Earth and you hold it in your hands. I am often holding and turning skulls over and admiring them as I work with them. For me, this increases my connection.

* We can breathe with our skulls. This is a technique from the Real People, the tribe Synergy's twin lives with.

I begin by bringing thoughts of someone or something that I love into my mind and into my heart. I imagine that someone or something I love is in front of me and I am giving them a hug, drawing them close to my heart. You need to pick someone or something simple, that you do not have a lot of issues with. It could be a pet or a small child…
Someone or something that you feel the love with naturally enough to make you smile.
Take deep breath and breath in the hug and the love you have and allow it to open you heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time.

Give it a minute or so and allow your heart to open.

Now hold your skull firmly in either both hands or in just the right hand, keeping the thought of what you wish to work with in mind. I suggest you begin with the intent that the skull will amplify your clarity. If you have clarity then you can figure things out!
Bring the skull to your face and slowly begin to breath into the face of the skull. This is a South Pacific way of working with a crystal skull. Breath into the face of the skullthen inhale deeply from the skull.  Continue this for about one - two minutes and then gently set the crystal skull down. 

That is an easy yet extremely effective way to begin working with a crystal skull!  Even persons who have worked for years with crystal skulls will find that they can unlock a new layer by breathing with them. 

* We can meditate with our crystal skulls in other ways. Pick what works for you.  Meditation or contemplation is a good thing to do, just for ourselves!
No need to get complicated.  You could try traditional or a guided meditation or you can just go out into Nature somewhere and sit with your crystal skull. Do some deep breathing and start thinking about things you are grateful for in your life. That is a kind of contemplation, rather than true meditation, but it can be easier for the Western mind to start with.  All on its own, taking a moment to have gratitude is a powerful spiritual experience and it will do the job!

We can take our skulls to high Earth energy places and set them on the ground. Let them absorb the energies.  Let them interact directly with the Earth.

* We can dream with our skulls. This opens a whole new world to you. I have an exercise on Synergy's website to get you started if you are interested in trying that. Synergy's tribe uses dreams to interact with one another and the world at large. Their access to Dreamtime is a powerful and consistent tool for insight and communication.
I also wrote a blog post about this earlier this year. 

* We can take them to be with other crystal skulls, especially the ancient ones, so that the energy is shared between them. This creates and cement the networks.

Interviewers love to ask me if someone can take an ancient crystal skull like Synergy and do something Evil with it. People misuse power and do awful things every day.  The ancient crystal skulls are objects of intense power on many levels. What if one falls into the hands of someone who has selfish and even evil intentions?   This is what I have come to believe: there is a built in safeguard in the most powerful crystal skulls. There is an internal password, if you will, that limits the access of the greatest power.

The password is a vibration - and that vibration is Love. A very specific kind of love. I think of it as the kind of love I had when I first held my daughter. I also think it's the kind of love given to me by my little dogs. In other words, there is a purity to this kind of love  that is often too rare in this world. Touch a crystal skull with this vibration in your own energy field and you will be able to access the power.  There is no way to fake this.
I don't think the 'bad guys' can manage to hold that vibration for very long and misusing the power of the skulls is impossible when you can't hold it.  When you do access that vibration and enter the skull, well, that's a kind of power that selfish people don't understand!

In my experience, it's Love and Gratitude that do the most to activate a crystal skull. The other things  we do can be important also, but the foundation is love and gratitude. 

As simply as I can state it, it's about Love and Oneness. It's about coming to Know that all of us are connected at a quantum level, here on this Earth plane, experiencing the pain and pleasure of being human.

There are many other things you can do to work with your skull and bring it to a higher level and 'activate' it. This is just to get you started. 

Do you have something you'd like to share with others about your own experiences? Leave a comment!




  • susan

    O I always enjoy learning more about the skulls. You have wonderful information and guidance. Last Friday lead a group meditation with Mara El. She was ready to go public or should I say I was finally ready lol. I have working with her for over a year and she asked me to take her to a group I attend. So many people wanted to spend time and meditate with Mara El I decided to give it a try. I had a total of 12 people. I thank you for your guidance.

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