The Password is Love!

The 'Password' Into A Crystal Skull Is Love!

Interviewers love to ask me if someone can take an ancient crystal skull like Synergy and do something Evil with it. Maybe it's the skull shape that brings up these questions with people. After all, the skull shape is associated with death in this day and age and in this Culture... although that's not what they represented even a century ago. 

Could someone 'bad' access the power of a crystal skull?  There are a lot of stories and even firsthand accounts and experiences of the ancient crystal skulls as objects of intense power, on many levels. People misuse power and do awful things every day. What if one of the really old ones falls into the hands of someone who has selfish or even evil intentions? Can someone evil access the power of an ancient crystal skull? If it only takes a strong Will or strong intention to access the skull's power, then the answer would be yes. But in this case, intention is not even close to what is required to truly access the skull. Luckily, it's not at all about how badly that you want to access something powerful.

This is what I have come to believe: there is a built in safeguard in the most powerful crystal skulls. There is an internal password, if you will, that limits access to the greatest of the power. You could say that the crystal skulls are password protected from someone with evil intentions. Whatever power the ancient crystal skulls possess - and I am sure that we have not even begun to understand what they offer humankind - there is only one way to access it. We have to have the password, if you will.

That password is a vibration - and that vibration is Love.  The greatest power of all...
This is a very specific and pure kind of love. I think of it as the kind of love I had when I held my daughter the first time. I also feel it as the love given to me by pets! Dogs, cats, birds... etc. Animals don't lie about love!

Pets and small children. So simple. They open our hearts - and that allows us to open and work with an ancient crystal skull, as well as open us to many other beautiful things that we probably forget about in the daily drama and hubbub of life.  In other words, the purity of this kind of love is often too rare in this world. It is precious. Touch a crystal skull with this love vibration active in your own energy field and you will be able to access the power. In fact, the power itself is Love.

Anything and everything I have seen known or experienced through Synergy has been through me opening my heart in this manner. There is no way to fake this. I don't think the 'bad guys' can manage to hold that vibration for very long. Misusing the crystal skulls is impossible when you can't hold that pure and uncomplicated frequency. When you do access the vibration and enter the skull, well, that's a prize that selfish people want, but cannot understand!  

OK, I have to admit, anyone could pick up a crystal skull and use it to hit someone - but if you can't hold the simple vibration of love, you will never access the true power within.


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