Using Crystal Skulls to Work with Your Guidance

This is another post in the series about working with your crystal skull.
This information is from my workshop entitled: "Crystal Skulls, Angels, and You!"

This is meant to give you insight into other ways for working with your crystal skulls. They can act as a foundation for the development and recognition of your own intuitive abilities and senses which will allow to begin to perceive Beings of the highest vibrations, namely  Angels, Spirit Guide Companions, High Self, Masters and ancient Crystal Skulls, etc. 

Let me remind you that Crystal skulls do several things:

Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Refract Energy
Amplify Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
and they may...Act as a Witness

Let's start with the idea that Crystal skulls amplify energy. That is something anyone working with a crystal skull learns pretty quickly. Or they should because it is going to happen to you if you are around crystal skulls.  
I meet people consistently who think the skulls only amplify other people's issues, not theirs. That makes no sense and I've never seen any evidence that's true.  I know that Synergy will amplify my own issues and I need to be very honest with myself about it and deal with them. There is no where to hide when you live with an ancient crystal skull.  
These things either work or they don't! If they do, then it's going to apply to you, too.  (Gravity is not selective either!) 

So... what do they amplify?
If you have no specific intent or thought of what you want when you are working with one, (or even when you are around one for very long) then they will tend to amplify the strongest underlying (and usually unresolved) emotional issue.  This could be great - or you could feel uncomfortable. You might feel emotional, overwhelmed... upset, anxious, peaceful, joyful, aggressive... any kind of emotion is possible. 

Remember, the crystal skulls don't make you feel anything, they only amplify it. But they also do more than just amplify energy.  They can also help you to work with the issue/energy and transform any emotions that come up, also.

It's your responsibility to know that they could do this and to be prepared. What could you set your intent on it amplifying?

As I have mentioned before, I often suggest setting your intent to have clarity, to start with. This is useful at any point of a person's spiritual development. 
If you try to be more complicated, you may trip yourself up. The subconscious is very literal and you have to know how to 'talk' to it to get it to cooperate.  So, keep it simple!

Clarity is a simple concept. It can really help anyone in a variety of situation to have clarity. IF you have clarity, then you have a priceless tool for spiritual and emotional growth. Lots of people try to increase their psychic abilities. You probably already have some abilities, but maybe you lack the clarity on how to use them or how to figure out what the heck something might mean, (like a dream) when it happens.

The main properties that are in use here are Focusing and Amplifying. But any and all of the various ways that crystal skulls work with subtle energy can be called into play. For example, they can help you to Attune to higher vibrations. This makes them a very useful tool for working with Higher Beings.

I always begin by bringing thoughts of someone or something that I love into my mind and into my heart. I imagine that someone or something I love is in front of me and I am giving them a hug, drawing them close to my heart. You need to pick someone or something simple, that you do not have a lot of issues with. Take deep breath and breath  the love you have for this someone or something and allow it to open you heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time.
Next ground yourself.  Focus on your Root chakra and imagine or pretend that you are sending tree roots deep into Mother Earth, grounding you and connecting you to her. 

Now bring the skull to your face and slowly begin to breath into the face of the skull. Breath into the face of the skull, then inhale deeply from the skull. Continue this for about two minutes. As you do this you will feel yourself relax and focus. 
This breathing into the face of a crystal skull is the way the tribe in the South Pacific, known as the 'Real People' work with crystal skulls. They have Synergy's twin, 'Harmony' in their guardianship. 

Let's say you want to work with your Guide for this moment.  To do this, bring the thoughts and intent of connecting to your Guide vibrations into your heart and mind. Begin to imagine or pretend you are filling the crystal skull and yourself with a warm golden light. Breath this light into the skull.
This is a very bright Golden Light. It's warm and soft, like a towel, freshly out of the dryer.  
Let it fill your own energy field and surround the crystal skull and as you do this begin to sing or chant the word and sound
Ah-Nah-Me into the skull, breathing in and out the Golden light.

This is word and sound is found on one of the Higher planes, beyond time and space and it will attune the skull to the Higher vibrations.  In turn, the crystal skull will attune you to this Higher vibration. Do this for about two minutes.  Then ask for your Guide to connect to you and begin to assist you in perceiving their presence. 
When you finish, you can just sit and breath for a few minutes, or you can go into a meditation or contemplation that you would do normally. 

When you do this you will begin to forge a new, conscious  and more intense connection to your Guide.  This can change your life!
(The Higher Being can be your Guide, an Angel or even your own High Self.) 

Next time - How Do Guide and Angels, etc Communicate With Us?



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