Dreaming with Your Crystal Skull - an exercise for connecting to and dreaming with a crystal skull!

This is the second in a series of posts about working with your crystal skull. 

Anyone who has been to a talk or workshop of mine knows that my personal viewpoint in working with Crystal Skulls is as tools of spiritual awareness.  They are amazing tools, if you are willing to work with them.  This is the point of the things that I am writing about in this blog. 

With that in mind, I'd like to share an exercise for connecting to and dreaming with your crystal skull.   This exercise comes from my workshop about dreaming with Your Crystal Skull. It's is also a good way to start remembering the experiences and contacts that you have with other Higher Energies, such as your Guardian Angels, Guides, Masters and other Higher Beings. 

The exercise is meant to assist you in beginning to use dreams lucidly and creatively.
It will also assist you in remembering your dreams, as well as beginning to become aware in them. 
The exercise utilizes a special spiritual point not a chakra - more like a valve. It is located in one of your subtle bodies – sometimes called the aura. In other words, it is not on the physical body - however it funnels energy into the physical body. I will describe a spot close to where it is located on the head, however, it is actually located slightly above the head. Look at the X's on the drawing below. 

Let's talk about the aura. The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. It’s not visible to most people, but it is instinctively sensed or experienced by others. The aura is often shaped somewhat like an eggshell, with colors and clouds swirling around inside. This energy field extends beyond your fingertips and expands or contracts, depending on what you are doing and how you are feeling. 

The aura has several levels or layers that are intuitively experienced by people. The most commonly worked with are the Emotional or Astral, the Causal, or area that connects to the Akashic records ( your past lives), the Mental and the Etheric. There are other levels such as the Lunar body, often the most easily seen subtle energy layer, and many people with healing ability see it. It is very close to the body, and appears most often as a silvery white color or at times, shadows where there is dis-ease.  But for now, we will focus on a different part of your energy field and I'll talk about the Lunar body another time.

 It’s fitting that this exercise works with this particular energy field, because it is located only around the head and has been called the “Soul Body.” It is not a part of the physical world, It is part of a higher spiritual realm, connecting us to the God realms, beyond thought and time. One school of thought is that ancient peoples used the crystal skulls to represent this high level of spiritual energy. This is what the "Real People" teach.  They are a tribe of aboriginal people living in the South Pacific, who have a long tradition of working with crystal skulls. They have in their care the twin of Synergy that they call 'Harmony.'

This exercise, is “intent driven,” as are all exercises that utilize the subtle energies around us. When you start to act "as if" something is possible, your intent will start the process.

I like to prepare for any spiritual exercise by taking a minute or two beforehand to start relaxing a bit and opening to whatever degree is appropriate and natural at this time. 

I begin by bringing thoughts of someone or something that I love into my mind and into my heart. I imagine that someone or something I love is in front of me and I am giving them a hug, drawing them close to my heart. You need to pick someone or something simple, that you do not have a lot of issues with. It could be a dog, or a child… Someone or something that you feel the love with naturally enough to make you smile. Take deep breath and breath in the hug and the love you have for this someone or something and allow it to open you heart to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time.  

This is very simple to do and it helps to open the heart chakra. There are also physiological reasons why this works and why certain techniques work so well and others do not.

Do the heart opening exercise for a few moments. This is NOT a meditation. It takes less than a minute to do, yet, it is very powerful. This exercise can also allow deeper meditative states to be achieved, in a relatively easy manner, by many people.

Next, take a moment and Ground your energy at the base chakra.

Now gently place your attention on a spiritual point located at the back of the head. It is about ½ inch above the occipital ridge, in the middle. That’s the bumpy ridge that runs round the back of your head. If you move your fingers over the area, you will feel a slight indentation. It’s about ½" to ¾” in diameter. Everyone has this ridge and this spiritual point. 

On the physical body, this is also the site of a powerful acupuncture point. However, we are not activating the acupuncture point, neither the ‘jin shin jyutsu point’ in the area, nor any other kind of point that you may have heard of being used in energy work. This point is located in that very fine subtle body surrounding only the head called the Soul body.

Hold your skull between your hands and place your attention on that area at the back of the head and continue to breath slowly and deeply. Imagine your breath is moving in a circular pattern, upwards, over the head, around it and down into and then through the point. Pretend that your breath is a bright white light, forming a circle, starting at the exhalation from your nose, going up and around your head and into the point. Time your imaginary circle of breath so that when you slowly breath out, your breath follows this imaginary circle, upwards, around the head and into the point. When your breath gets into the point, you “inhale it” into the point, bringing the breath and the energy right inside your head, filling it and then let it back out your nose. It may be unfamiliar, at first, but just keep it up. This is a deeply relaxing rhythm when you get the hang of it. As you begin the breathing, you can add a chant if you wish.  I suggest the sound of Zeeeeeeeee.  

As you do this, suggest to yourself that the point is opening, to whatever degree is natural and appropriate and correct for you, at this time. Be sure and use the words, natural, appropriate and correct. No need to force anything, simply allow it to happen. 

Do this breathing and chanting for about two minutes. You may wish to work up to longer periods of this type of breathing, depending on whether or not you are comfortable with it. 

After a few moments of the circular breathing into the point, take a moment to ask for assistance from your Crystal Skull, your Guardian Angel or the Masters who are here to help you. Ask them for their assistance in your quest to open more fully to your dream experiences with these Higher Beings. Ask for them to come to you in your dreams.

If it is night time and you try this when you are in bed, simply go to sleep after you finish. Otherwise, slowly bring your focus back to the room you are in and open your eyes. 

A few words of caution. Doing this exercise is perfectly safe. Results vary from just getting a very good night's sleep, to dramatic, vivid experiences. Whatever you get is just fine. You are teaching your mind to open to spiritual dreaming and this may take some practice and a little time. 

You will get even better results if you keep a dream journal of your experiences. Write down anything that comes to mind. Use all of your senses to bring back smells, sounds, colors, location, etc. Feelings are especially important, as well as characters in the dream that remind you of or someone or something.

There is no way to “hurry up” the process or “blast” the point open. If you are impatient, and try to take shortcuts, it doesn’t work. This kind of breathing with intent, into this point, will leave you energized, rather than experiencing adverse side effects. I have never seen anyone be able to force one of these points open, but if someone did manage to do it, I doubt very much if it would be a comfortable experience. Rushing things of a spiritual nature can cause a type of “spiritual” shock” to your system. This can feel like the flu, cause unusual weakness, or you could just feel “spacey.” Some people get frightened by an intense experience they are not ready for, and then their spiritual growth stops. 

So just take it easy. Ask for what is appropriate, natural and correct for you now. 


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