Clearing your Crystals, Crystal Skulls and other Stones

Clearing your Crystals, Crystal Skulls and other Stones

I clear all of my stones before I send them out, however, crystals easily absorb different kinds of vibrations, both positive and negative. The crystal or stone that you choose may have been in contact with many other personalities and energies so it is often recommended that you use some kind of cleansing method to restore your stone to a pure and energized state.

One of these methods will usually work for clearing most 'normal' negative, or stray energies. However...
If you feel that you have something more going on than the 'normal' iccky energy in your crystal, you may wish to consult someone who works with subtle energies and knows other methods. I do have a FAQ page on protection available, just ask.

There are several methods you can use that are easy for anyone to try. Here are a few:

Salt Water Soak:
One method that I like is to immerse the stones in salt water for several minutes or even hours. Most stones like this and it is very cleansing and energizing. Use a glass container, or if one is not available, use plastic, rather than metal. Metal has it's own vibrations. This will clear most stray energy.

Running water:
You may wish to hold the stone under running water for a few minutes or even hours. Outside in a garden pond or even a creek is excellent.

Affirmations and Prayers:
Some people like to hold their stones and repeat a short phrase or
prayer like “I ask that this stone be self cleansing and filled with love” or "I ask the protection of the Angels and Masters for this crystal."

Smudging or Incense:
You may prefer to smudge the stones with sage and/or cedar - or your favorite incense. Smudge sticks or bundles are sold on eBay, as well in local metaphysical stores. You light the smudge stick or incense and let the smoke flow over the stones and/or crystals. The premise is that the smoke will take any energetic impurities out and allow them to float away. Some people also prefer to store or display their stones with sage and/or cedar. This method is not that effective for heavy duty negativity.

Sunlight or Moonlight: Crystals often look brighter and more vibrant after being laid in the rays of the sun or moon. The sun or moon will often clear energy that salt will not. You can use the salt water and sun or moonlight in conjunction with one another to be more effective.
Time in the sun is usually about 20 minutes to several hours.
Time in the moonlight may be the whole night or a month!

A note of warning:
Crystals that will fade in the sunlight should not be placed in the sun!
These are crystals such as Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Fluorite, etc.
Research the stone before you put it into bright light!

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