Clearing your Crystals, Crystal Skulls and other Stones


When you hold a stone or crystal that you love, you have a part of Mother Earth that you can hold in your hands!  Always enjoy, admire and LOVE THEM!
I often hold my crystals, stones, crystal skulls, and other carvings. I enjoy turning them over and over, admiring them as I examine every sparkle. This is something I like to do while I prepare to work with them. For me, this greatly increases my connection to the stone, and to the Deva inside of the stone.
Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning "Being of Brilliant Light." You'll learn a lot more about Devas in an upcoming class. Then I will explain why they are so important to anyone who is serious about working with crystals and stones, especially in crystal healing work and with crystalline grids.

I clear all of my stones before I send them out, however, I always let my clients know that they can absorb different kinds of vibrations, both positive and negative; when shipped they may come into contact with various types of energies, and could pick up stray energies. I recommend a regular clearing routine, in order to keep or restore a stone to a pure and energized state.

Crystals and stones can also pick up those stray energies when you are working with them, or even at home or work, especially if there has been a lot of intense emotions flying around.

It's a good idea to make a plan to clear your stones from time to time. The frequency will depend on your environment, how you work with them and perhaps the size of the stone.

One of the methods below will work for clearing most 'normal' negative or stray energies. However... 
If you feel that you have something more going on than common negativity or "sticky" energy in your crystal, you may wish to consult a professional who works with subtle energies and uses other methods.

These simple methods below will work for most situations.  

#1 Salt Water Soak: 
In general, salt water is by far the easiest, quickest and the most effective method of clearing negative energies in your stones and crystals. Most crystals and stones clear quickly and easily with just the combination of a short salt water soak, followed by a good rinsing off in running water.
(Be sure that the stone you do this with isn't water soluble, or it could damage it!)

Salt Water for routine clearing of negative energies:
Get a glass or plastic container * and fill it with enough water to cover your stone.
Put a pinch or two of salt into the water.
The larger the vessel, the more salt you'll use, but it doesn't take as much as you might think. I tend to prefer Kosher Salt, but any salt will work, even salt shaker salt.
Immerse the stones in the salt water for 3-10 minutes, then take them out and rinse them in clear running water.

Salt Water for simple, stray energies, Put the stone into the salt water, count to 10 or so, then take it out and rinse. This quick "dip and rinse" will clear most stray energies, and even some that feel fairly "heavy." 

Salt Water for darker, "sticky" energies
, put the stone into the salt water for about 24 hours. Then take it out and rinse.

* Why use a glass or plastic container?
In general, metal has its own vibration(s) and can add in some energy that you might not want.
Glass and plastic are usually more neutral materials.

Copper has a very nice energy, but keep salt away from it; salt can oxidize certain metals, or do even worse, if it's left in the container for more than a very short time.
Normal or natural salt content in water is probably OK, but I stay away from it entirely; salt solutions have an adverse effect on copper.
Note: If you have a large copper bowl or vessel, it can be useful for clearing the energy from certain things, for example certain small stones, decks of Tarot cards etc., - but that is done with an empty copper vessel, not one with liquid in it.

#2  Cover Your Stones with Salt:
Get a glass or plastic container.
Pour enough salt to fill the container up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way.
Place your stones into the salt, and then pour more salt into the container - enough to cover the stones completely. Leave the stones in the salt for at least a day and a night (about 24 hours.)
If you decide you need to leave the stones or crystals in the salt for more than a day or so, it would be a good idea to put a lid on the container.

#3  Running water:
This can be very effective for simple clearing.
Clear yourself first, then hold the stone under running water for a few minutes.

Some people put their stones into an outside garden pond and this can be excellent, especially if you have a little waterfall.
Some people prefer to use a creek or river - but if you do, be sure the stones are inside of a net or a secure, porous container. Also make certain that they are well secured in some way. I've seen numerous stones left in running water disappear!  

#4  Smudging or Using Incense:
Many people prefer to smudge their stones with sage and/or cedar - or a favorite incense.
You light the smudge stick or incense and let the smoke flow over the stones and/or crystals.
The premise is that the smoke will take any energetic impurities out and allow them to float away.
This method is not as effective for heavy duty negativity. It may not be very effective at all, unless you are focused and have had training on how to clear and direct your own energy, in a more  precise way. 
If you use this method, you might want to request a Higher Vibrational Energy Being to come to help you work with the smoke of the smudging to help you make it as effective as possible.  

On the same note, some people like to store or display their stones with sage and/or cedar. (or other plants) That method is commonly used to keep the spaces around the stones clearer, rather than to clear the stones themselves. It is a nice energy to keep with your stones.


#5  Sound: Similar to smudging in some ways, the sound of a sacred object can help to clear negative energies.
The actual vibration of the sacred tool does much of the clearing, but you can make it even more effective if you stay focused while you are using the tool, allowing it to clear you as you pay attention to the sound; then allow your energy to move outwards, with the sound.
Again, commonly used for spaces, rather than stones, but it is very possible to use sound to clear a stone or crystal.
Be sure you are able to stay clear, have control of and are able to work with your own energy field fairly precisely to make this technique as effective as possible.
Again, it's also possible to ask for the assistance of a helpful High Vibration Being to assist you in working with your energy and the sound. Don't expect fast results, but this method is well worth giving a try.

Sacred sound tools can be things such as a singing bowl, hand drum, a rattle, bells, or any other kind of shamanic type sound tool.

#6  Sunlight:
A note of warning:
 Crystals that will fade in the sunlight should never be placed in the sun! 
Research the stone before you put it into bright light, even under indoor UV lights! 
These are some of the crystals  Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, (basically ALL colored quartzes), Topaz, Larimar, Fluorite, Amazonite, Cinnabar, Vanadinite, Apatite, Celestite, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Morganite, Scapolite, Opals, colored Tourmaline, possibly colored Spinel, some Sodalite, etc.
When in doubt, don't do it! There is NO benefit in leaving your stones outside to clear for a long time.

Crystals often look brighter and more vibrant after being laid in the rays of the sun.
The sun could possibly clear certain energies that salt will not, but there are also risks. You can use the salt water and sunlight in conjunction with one another to be more effective. Time in the sun is usually about 20 minutes to an hour or so. 

Most stones, especially quartz, as well as crystal balls and crystal skulls, should only be in the sun in the early morning, or in the later afternoon. Besides being a serious fire hazard, traditions teach that the direct light from a noon or any direct bright sunlight is not recommended, as it could upset or harm the deva. (More about devas in another class!)

It's a whole different story if you have decorative stones, or stones that are holding energies in a specific spot, for a reason. Even then, the stones I've listed WILL change color in sunlight. (see "Bury It" below)

#7  Moonlight: Moonlight is not traditionally for used for heavy duty clearing. It IS used for energizing.
Moonlight is a gentle energy and quite beneficial, but it is a very slow process to energize or the clear using it.
The time to put a crystal out in the moonlight traditionally starts during the New Moon.
It's then left for periods of one month cycles (27 1/3 days), and checked each cycle.
It's common that certain "medicine" stones are left out, in a safe place, for a year (13 new moons)  or even for many years.

If you want to clear AND charge it, you can use some very weak salt water, in the moonlight
you can bury the crystal at the New Moon, and then uncover the crystal when cycles change, throughout the 27 1/3 day cycle. This allows the stones to receive the moonlight.

#8  Bury It:
You can also bury the stone or crystal. However, this is also slow. It will take at least 1-3 moon cycles (one cycle is 27 1/3 days) - and will more likely take longer.
Obviously this method is hard for people to do when they have paid a lot for a beautiful piece, or when they have real need of a faster clearing.
You can bury it for a shorter time, then dig up and use salt water, or vice versa. (Use salt water first, and THEN bury it.)

#9  Ask a Tree First... and then Hang it!:
Find a tree that is willing to help you with this project.
Get something to put the crystal in and then hang it up in the tree, in a shady place. (IF no shade, then you can cover your container with cloth or something, to keep the crystal out of direct sunlight.)
Alternative: Ask the tree if you can bury it near its roots; after one moon cycle, dig it up and then hang it up.
Make sure you ask before you do this!

#10  Affirmations and Prayers:
Some people like to hold their stones and repeat a short phrase or prayer like “I ask that this stone be cleansed and filled with love” or
"I ask the protection of the Angels and Masters for this crystal." 
It has variable effectiveness, depending a lot on the faith of the person using that method. It won't cause the stone to be self-cleansing, as far as I have ever seen.
It is not as effective or consistent, most of the time, as is a simple salt water soak.

What about using Selenite or other stones to clear your stones? 
I am sorry to inform you that... It doesn't work.
Certain stones can facilitate or assist in clearing other stones, IF used correctly, but they will not do what most people seem to think. 

In about 1998 or so, a number of people suddenly started teaching that you can put your stones on certain other large stones or crystals and the larger stone will clear your smaller ones for you.
The most popular recommendations for this method are: Quartz Crystal Clusters or Slabs, Amethyst Clusters or Slabs, Carnelian Slabs, Kyanite, and Selenite 'logs.'

There is no energetic basis for a lot of what people have recently been teaching about clearing stones. There IS a monetary basis.
Here is an example:

In 1998, an enormous amount of giant Selenite "logs" came into the US and Western Europe, from Morocco. They sold for approximately $1.each that year. A lot of vendors bought them and then re-sold them for about a 100% to 200% mark up. The "sales hook" to get shops to buy them was that their customers could bring in their small crystals, lay them on the Selenite log, and the Selenite would clear the energy of the small stones.
Shops started advertising this, and customers started doing this, as well as buying stones from the store, quite happy they could "clear" their new ones right there. This doesn't work: not then and not now.

To be fair, I doubt that many of those shops, sales people and vendors knew it wasn't true. Someone who claimed to be an authority said Selenite would do that, and it helped sell the stuff, so it was " good for all." I don't agree, because I can see the energy and know it's not true - but that doesn't really matter.
I will not name names the people who are most often involved in perpetrating rumors and outright fraud. Anyone in the "rock business" for long knows who they are.

Here are some real properties of Selenite: 
Selenite is a very calming and soothing energy. It's said to be a "Stone of Mental Clarity", enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening the ability to make good decisions.
 It is believed to help one to access information from past lives and then supports the discernment make use of what lessons you find there.
Selenite can also amplify the energies of other stones, to a degree, when utilized correctly.
A Selenite wand may be used to move and/or remove energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies, and may help to consciously connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. This is because of the way energy moves through the fibers of the Selenite, similar to light, through fiber optic cables.
Selenite is also said to promote good business practices and would therefore excellent for any Healer, massage therapist, Reiki Master, Chiropractor, etc. to have in their office. 
It's not able to clear any stone. all by itself, as is claimed.  
In Crystal Healing, it is often used to help align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton as well. It's also used for CNS issues and to support epilepsy and other seizure disorders. It's also considered to be an aid to help stop smoking.
Selenite is associated with the Crown Chakra.

Selenite is named after the Ancient Greek word for "moon.” It's a fibrous variety of Gypsum and forms in long, thin, "needles" which grow together in bunches. Often colorless, it exhibits a shimmery effect (or "pearly luster") that becomes visible as you move the stone around. Some White Satin Spar Selenite specimens can be optical quality, too. Just a reminder: Selenite is water soluble, so don't submerge it in liquid or the physical structure can degrade.

A thought: You might notice that there is some irony in that description: especially when you think of the business practices of the vendors who sold those stores the Selenite, for dubious purposes. Enough said.

There are NO stones that never, ever need to be cleared / cleaned.
There are a few that don't need to be cleaned very often and we will go over them in classes.
Here is one of the most well known: Kyanite, especially Blue Kyanite.
It doesn't need to be cleared often because of the way energy moves through it.
In fact, that's also true of Selenite.

What if you have something really nasty in a stone or crystal?
The good news is that most people will not encounter really negative energies in stones and crystals very often.  If you do, I suggest that you go to someone who is an expert in this field to get help.
It takes decades of training to work with implants and negative entities in a crystal. They didn't get there while the crystal or stone was in the earth: a trained and devious human put it there. 

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